Which MSI

Unfortunately, there are no less than five similiar sounding names for MSI socket A motherboards.
Some have overclocking features, and some don’t.

The K7T Pro (aka MS-6330) does not have multiplier controls. You don’t want this.

The K7M Master (aka MS-6347) is meant for servers. It doesn’t have multiplier controls, either. You don’t want this (unless you want a nonoverclockable server board).

The K7TM Pro (aka MS-6340) is a mini-version of the K7T Pro. You don’t want this.

The K7T Pro2 does have multiplier controls. However, it does not have ATA100 support. You may want this.

The K7TPro2A has multiplier controls, plus it has ATA100. This would be the board you’d most want of the bunch.

There is tremendous confusion over what is what out there. You might have noticed I didn’t give model numbers for the K7TPro or K7TPro2A.
That’s because MSI hasn’t assigned them one (at least at their website). So you see items on Pricewatch like MS-6330 K7TPRO100. Quite a few places are calling it MS-6330 K7TPRO100.

12/1/00 – Update I initially thought “100” was an indicator of getting a Pro2A. Apparently not so, there are some models that come with a PCI ATA100 controller in the box. If they don’t advertise K7TPro2A, don’t buy it.

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