AMD Black Ops Event - Today at 12 Noon CST

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Overclockers community members brought this to my attention and its something many of you will NOT want to miss. It’s an extreme overclocking event hosted by AMD, centered around the new processor release we’ve been talking about all week – the hexa-core AMD Phenom II X6 Thuban.

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You are Invited

You have seen live streams

You have seen overclocking

You have seen high definition

You have seen celebrations of a single moment around the world

Black Ops | Live stream overclocking in high definition at a single moment around the world

Join Us Friday 4.30.2010

12 NOON Central Time US

See the AMD Phenomâ„¢ II X6 Processor debut in an event like none before

Overclocking teams around the world streamed live and in high definition on Friday April 30th



By popular demand, I offer the details for the AMD Black Ops Event

First, The Always Entertaining & Enlightening Event Disclaimer

Overclocking and extreme cooling is certain to void your hardware warranties and could cause serious damage to your PC hardware. We destroy motherboards, processors, and graphics cards at an alarming rate doing it. Liquid Helium and Liquid Nitrogen are incredibly dangerous in untrained hands and among some of the coldest substances in the universe. You are watching some of the most experienced and methodical overclockers in the world and you should not attempt any of what you see without major safety precautions and seriously thinking about the potential consequences of your actions.


Austria | Overclockers.AT

Finland | Team Finland | SF3D | Macci | Sampsa

Italy | NextHardware | giorgioprimo | cische | giampa | betaXP

Poland | PCLab

Russia | Many Teams | One Location

USA | XtremeSystems | chew* | FUGGER | MikeGuava | MSIMax | GhenghisKhan | 64NOMIS

Canada | Overclocking-TV

Multiple Streams May Be Viewed Simultaneosly

H.264 Up To 720P Capture

We Need Bandwidth. Lot of Bandwidth.


All Streams Broadcast Live From

An extreme overclocking event hosted by AMD, centered around the new processor release we’ve been talking about all week – the hexa-core AMD Phenom II X6 Thuban. 500L of Liquid Nitrogen, 500L of Liquid Helium, and extreme AMD overclocking featured on a stage unlike any before it!

You won’t want to miss this! Enjoy!


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  1. There's kind of a play-by-play in this thread starting with post #20. Basic highlights in post #25, though I may have missed a few things. Keeping track of six teams is not easy. ;)
    Also, Team Finland, the team that took the 7 GHz record last year in Las Vegas with a Phenom II, did not participate. They'll give it their best this coming Sunday around noon CDT but it may be as late as 2:00 PM CDT - time is not confirmed as yet. Same link as yesterday: