AMD Launches Radeon R9 380X Graphics Cards

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Mainstream gamers rejoice, AMD just launched the Radeon R9 380X graphics card! This card should settle in nicely to the $229-$249 price range, making it affordable while still offering solid performance for the latest titles. AMD states the R9 380X will be a solid 1440p gaming card with its 4GB of VRAM and horsepower to push the pixels.

Specifications for the reference model are below (all images courtesy AMD):


Overlocked GPUs are being released today as well by the major players like ASUS and GIGABYTE:

Overclocked R9 380X Versions
Overclocked R9 380X Versions

MSRP for the reference cards will be $229, while overclocked versions will start at $239. AMD expects these cards to beat out the GTX 960. Additional slides are available below.

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Stay tuned for a review early next week where we put the R9 380X through our gauntlet of GPU benchmarks!

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