AMD Price Cuts 2522

AMD is supposed to have price cuts on Monday.

Well, some places seem to be starting early, and a couple of the drops are startling.

Most notably, the 3200+ has gone from around $190 to $150 on the U.S. Pricewatch. . Sadly, prices on the 3000+ remain solid just a few dollars below that.

Other price drops are less dramatic, but generally are around $20-30. For instance, the top of the line 4000+ is down to $340, while the 3700+ is down to $240.

For those looking at multicores, the x2 3800+ has slipped $15 to $330 (though the x2 4200 has slipped rather more than that.

At least in the U.S., the Internet biggies like Newegg haven’t weighed in yet, so you might save a few extra dollars waiting a few extra days.


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