Another Setback For Intel

Intel has delayed the arrival date of 65nm processors until sometime in 2006.

That’s actually pretty bad news for Intel. One advantage Intel has traditionally had over AMD is that they usually get to succeeding generations of manufacturing processes before AMD, which traditionally has let them come out with CPUs that could trump AMD until it caught up (usually six-twelve months later).

Before this announcement, Intel has scheduled to start 65nm production sometime late in 2005, while AMD will have to wait until its new fab is ready for operations sometime in 2006.

Of course, AMD may end up being delayed, too, but for now, one usual Intel advantage isn’t going to be next go-round. That’s good for Green.

However, since it’s really hard to expect mainstream-priced dual-core processors until 65nm, that means a delay for everyone interested in buying one any time soon, like us.

So that’s good news for AMD, but bad news for us.


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