Booting from IDE/RAID controllers . . .

These provide generic instructions for setting up a dual-boot Win98/2000 RAID system. If you don’t have Windows 2000, don’t do the Windows 2000 instructions. If you don’t have RAID, don’t follow the RAID-only instructions.

Boot off a floppy.

Just to be on the safe side, pull all drives except the RAID drives.

Set up the array. (RAID-only)

FDISK the array (or drive(s) if you aren’t setting up RAID.

Set at least two drives, one for 98, one for 2000. (dual-boot only, though you certainly can set more than one drive if you like).

Set the first partition of the array/drive as the active partition.

When you format the drives, format the first drive with the format c:/s command.

After doing that, put any other drives back. When you reboot, go into BIOS and set the first boot device as the floppy and the second boot device as “SCSI” (if the BIOS says something about ATA/IDE controllers, use that instead, but you’d usually use SCSI).

Install Windows 98 on the c: drive. You must install 98 first for a dual-boot system to work this way.

After you’ve done that, you want to go back to BIOS and make “SCSI or IDE/RAID” your first boot drive.

Before you start installing Windows 2000, have a floppy ready with the IDE/RAID controller Win2000 drivers. (Dual-boot only)

Begin installing 2000. Indicate you want a new installation, and in the next step, click on “Advanced Options” and click on “I want to choose the installation partition.” Choose the second partition you set up earlier for that. (Dual-boot only)

When Windows 2000 goes into the second stage of installation, it will ask you to press F6 to install SCSI and other types of drivers. Press F6 and follow the instructions to install the controller drivers. (Dual-boot only)

After that’s all done, this is what you should get:

The BIOS will NOT initially recognize your hard drives on the first boot screen. It will only do that on the second screeen, when the IDE/RAID controller kicks in. This is perfectly normal and how it is supposed to work.

After that, you’ll be given a choice between booting from 98 and from 2000. (Dual-boot only)

You should be done.

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