Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Opening Scene

As usual, I expected it to not really be nearly as bad as the hype makes it sound, but in this case I have to say it is quite shocking. We have seen other games portray the same violence but in more of a comical or artificial setting. As for Call of Duty, it has a more realistic approach which makes the scene very disturbing and somewhat offensive.

But I’m not here to bash the game, from a personal opinion I don’t find anything wrong with such content. When a video gets leaked like this it does not portray the game very well for multiple reasons, from the video it seemed as if the game is almost a terrorist simulator. But a closer look tells a different story, quoted from IGN:

“From what we can gather from the dialogue and gritty video, the role of the playable character is that of a C.I.A. operative who has infiltrated the group in order to gather intel. The loading screen, which reveals the transition between playable characters and factions, begins with a C.I.A. logo and morphs into the logo of the Russian ultranationalist organization which the game’s antagonist, Vladimir Makarov, leads. The graphical transition is accompanied by an alteration to the C.I.A. text directly below the logo, which is then extended and followed by illegible words, presumably identifying the official title of the ultranationalist faction. Clues after the loading screen are hard to identify, however, the theory is later reaffirmed when Makarov shoots your character as you attempt to climb into the getaway van, and says “Here’s your message,” almost teasing your character for the presumption that your infiltration had gone unrecognized.”

Now this seems to make a bit more sense, its not a blood-lust killing game but simply a wrong place wrong time type thing. The footage was confirmed and Activision did respond, Activisons response on IGN:

“The leaked footage was taken from a copy of game that was obtained illegally and is not representative of the overall gameplay experience in Modern Warfare 2,” an Activision spokesperson told IGN. “Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 features a deep and gripping storyline in which players face off against a terrorist threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of collapse,” the spokesperson added. “The game includes a plot involving a mission carried out by a Russian villain who wants to trigger a global war. In order to defeat him, the player infiltrates his inner circle. The scene is designed to evoke the atrocities of terrorism.” Right now, Activision is saying players may choose not to “not to engage in the gameplay.” That could mean choosing not to fire your weapon or the possibility “opt-out” of the level entirely. We won’t know until we play for ourselves. “At the beginning of the game, players encounter a mandatory “checkpoint” in which they are warned that an upcoming segment may contain disturbing elements and they can choose not to engage in the gameplay that involves this scene,” Activision says. “Consistent with its content, the game has been given an “M” for Mature by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. The rating is prominently displayed on the front and back of the packaging, as well as in all advertising.”

Now this game does not force you to kill civilians, perhaps that’s the players choice. If you are uncomfortable with the scene it can be skipped over and does include a warning. This just seems like fresh meat for the media to jump on, to have a good gritty story to display. We have been dealing with explicit and graphic content in movies, music, novels, and even the news. Yet when it is displayed in a game, all of a sudden it is considered an outrage.

Games are just a new media for entertainment, its no different than a movie. People need to realize that they are playing a war game; it seems MW2 is trying to create a more realistic approach and in reality war and such operations are disturbing and gruesome. Such scenes may make some people sick to their stomach but maybe that’s a good thing.

After browsing various forums and seeing other peoples opinions I’m more shocked and offended than I was by the video. Posts from saying that such a game is a terror simulator and going to create mass amounts of murder and terrorism acts is probably the most ridiculous thing I have heard. If such a little thing like a scene in a game is enough to make a mass amount of people go on a killing spree well then we might as well censor every single aspect of our lives. I have also seen posts stating that their children definitely aren’t going to be getting MW2 because of that scene, which seems logical since its rated M and kids are not meant to be playing such games. Its the parents responsibility to limit their kids to what they think they can handle. Now I say this because growing up I always played violent games. Some kids are mature enough to handle such things and others aren’t. I turned out very opposed to violence and war in real life, while in games I have no problem with them. Then there’s people who have been sheltered their whole lives and they think killing, and blowing up things is the coolest. Those are the type of people who shouldn’t be playing games ever.

Personally, I do find this scene somewhat disturbing, but I will play through it when the game comes out. I believe it’s a important part of the player immersion and motivation for the rest of the game.

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