Can The Thoroughbred Even Do A Mile?

Apparently Thoroughbreds will go to HP/Compaq first, everyone else a few to a few more weeks later. Oh well, guess that gives us plenty of time to play with PIV equipment in June. 🙂

This is going to be the shortest-lived processor in history. We’ll see a 2200+, then a 2400+, then it’s the 2800+ in 4Q From other indications, that will be the first Barton chip. It also indicates a 2600+ Thoroughbred; the last of that stunted breed.

But just when will that be?

On the one hand, we see that Barton is supposed to only come from UMC. On the other hand, we have no less than New Chief AMD Honcho Hector saying, “I expect that any production shipments out of UMC will probably occur in the early part of next year.”

Sounds to me like Barton will be a 2002 chip like Thoroughbred looks to be a 2Q chip. Looks like the 2600+ will be the real socket A chip for Christmas, but by then at least the richer kids will want to bang their Hammers instead. 🙂


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