Catalyst 3.8 Drivers . . .

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There are those who believe that ATI’s Catalyst 3.8 drivers are blowing up their equipment.

Here’s some threads from various forums on the subject:

Short-Media Forums (describes what the problem appears to be and provides links to 3.7 Catalyst drivers). See also here (post #39) where 183 monitors are reported dead or damaged.


Rage 3D.

AMD Forums

If you’ve been affected by this, write them here

If you haven’t upgraded to 3.8, don’t.

If you have, then uninstall the drivers and go to 3.7 pronto.

There’s been some rather interesting explanations as to why this might be happening, but for now, the only prudent thing to do is to remove any possibility of damaging your system.

After all, it’s just a set of drivers. It’s not like using Catalyst drivers save lives or anything. Using 3.7s instead won’t kill anybody, not even ATI.

You lose very, very little if you play it safe, even if this proves to be a case of mass hysteria. On the other hand, if there is something to this, and you don’t, you might lose your monitor and/or video card.



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