CES 2018: Corsair Unveils New Coolers, Wireless Peripherals and 1600W PSU

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This week at CES 2018, Corsair announced a handful of new products. There’s been an overhaul of their All-in-One cooler line, some very interesting new wireless keyboard and mice, a fully modular 1600W power supply and a new tempered glass mid-ATX case with some style. Here’s an overview of these new products with a few highlights and features.

Hydro Series Pro

Corsair has put a lot of effort into their revamped AIO coolers, namely the H150i PRO with a 360mm radiator and the H115i PRO equipped with a 240mm radiator. They have really gone the extra mile trying to make the new PRO series the quietest AIO on the shelf. Both coolers come with an updated, compact pump head. It’s quieter than previous models with precise control for quieter start-ups and has the full Corsair RGB logo and RGB ring on the face. They’ve included their new “Magnetic Levitation” fans for reduced noise and improved airflow which in conjunction with the Corsair Link software features a “Zero RPM Mode” which stops the fans completely when temperatures allow eliminating the fan noise altogether. The mounting system has also been simplified with a modular, tool-free mounting bracket for installation on most CPU sockets. These two new and improved AIOs are currently available at Corsair listed at $169.99 for the H150i PRO and $139.99 for the H115i PRO.

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Corsair AX1600i

The AX1600i is a fully modular 1600W power supply which according to Corsair is their most powerful and efficient PSU ever:

The AX1600i has groundbreaking electrical performance. From its staggering voltage regulation to its jaw-dropping electronic ripple and noise reduction, there is no enthusiast power supply that can provide cleaner, more reliable power to your system.

They packed a lot of goodies into this power supply and even shortened it by 20mm for a better fit in most cases. To start with, Corsair has chosen Gallium Nitride transistors over traditional Silicon for its superior electrical properties allowing them to improve efficiency, heat dissipation and overall PSU reliability delivered in a more compact package. On top of that, they’ve chosen to use 100% Japanese capacitors rated at 105 °C making the AX1600i a high-quality product. This PSU is currently available at Corsair for $449.99.

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Next on the list is the Spec-Omega Tempered Glass Mid-Tower case with its appealing style and good looks. The Spec-Omega has tempered glass side and front panels to show off all you sweet hardware and accents it with an LED light strip integrated into the front panel. Built with cooling in mind, it comes with two Corsair SP120 fans pre-installed and enough room to accommodate a 360/280mm radiator in the front and a 240mm radiator in the top and rear of the case leaving lots of cooling options available. The chassis is constructed of steel with simple drive installation and side panel removal to save you time. The Spec-Omega is currently available from Corsair for $99.99.

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Wireless Peripherals

We have five new products here to better connect you to your PC with wireless convenience. First, the K63 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, which is a CES 2018 innovation award honoree. It’s equipped with Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches and connects via fast 1 ms 2.4GHz gaming optimized wireless, low latency Bluetooth or directly with a USB cable. It also boasts a 75-hour rechargeable battery and LED backlighting. The K63 is also available with a “lapboard” which combines with the K63 keyboard to offer a solid platform with a mouse pad. Perfectly suited for lounging on the couch and gaming on your HTPC without being slouched over a coffee table.  The K63 comes in at $109.99 alone and $159.99 with the lapboard.

To complement their new keyboard, Corsair also rolled out a new gaming mouse design which incorporates the same wireless technology. There are two variants of the mouse, the Corsair Dark Core RGB with a comfortable contoured shape that’s customizable by two interchangeable magnetic side grips to tailor the fit to your hand. Equipped with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, the same wireless, Bluetooth and direct connect features as the K63 keyboard and customizable RGB. The Dark Core RGB also features nine programmable buttons and a rechargeable battery with 24-hours of gaming time before it need to be topped up.

The Corsair DarkCore RGB SE is identical to the above except that it has incorporated Qi wireless charging support. This pairs it off well with the new Corsair MM1000 Qi wireless charging mousepad for a wireless gaming mouse that never needs to be connected to recharge. It’s not only a mousepad but can double as a charging station for all your devices even if they’re not qi compatible the MM1000 is also equipped with USB Micro-B, Type-C, and Lightning Qi charging adapters, letting you easily add Qi wireless charging.

The above mice and mousepad/charger are all available from Corsair, currently listing at $79.99 for the Dark Core RGB and $89.99 for the SE model with wireless charging. Additionally, you’ll need to pony up another $79.99 for the Corsair MM1000 Qi wireless charging mousepad.

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Corsair has released an impressive line-up of products, tapping into the modern stylings that many are seeking today.

Stay tuned for more from CES 2018…

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  1. I've read this several times, and can't believe no one commented. (Myself included :eek:) This was a (typically) great write up from Shawn.
    The NewEgg Price for the H150i Pro is now $299.99, not the $169.99 ($291.17 on Amazon) Shawn quotes in his article which was penned in January. But the price for the H115i Pro is the same as he quotes. Makes me wonder if Trump's new tarrif structure for China is taking effect.
    The NewEgg Price for the H150i Pro is now $299.99, not the $169.99 ($291.17 on Amazon) Shawn quotes in his article which was penned in January. But the price for the H115i Pro is the same as he quotes. Makes me wonder if Trump's new tarrif structure for China is taking effect.

    If you look here https://pcpartpicker.com/product/brVD4D/corsair-h150i-pro-473-cfm-liquid-cpu-cooler-cw-9060031-ww
    Newegg does have a lower price but it's out of stock. My bet is that's a newegg reseller
    What bugs?

    Really? Corsair Link was a wee bit buggy. I think a lot of it was installing it with other things open, as I noticed that any other monitoring software being open at installation of Link left all sorts of weird behaviors possible.
    Really. My limited experience with it was without issue. I havent heard much, but havent been paying attention either.
    Id imagine it not work with nice with other monitoring software since that is a fairly common occurrence.
    That was my entirely anecdotal guess. LOL. I think, like the majority of issues, operator error is at the root of most of the Link complaints. I currently have it installed on my daughter's rig and it works great. She likes having her case as the background photo with the monitored components correctly placed in "her" case. Makes it easier for her to get an overall picture in her head.