CES 2018: NZXT Launches N7 Z370 Motherboard

Better known for their slick cases, NZXT announced their latest product at CES 2018: a motherboard. The N7 Z370 definitely has NZXT’s distinct, modern design, but does it compete with the big players like ASUS and GIGABYTE?

The N7 Z370 comes in either black or white, plus customizable heatsink covers in several colors are also available (including the blue shown in the system above). It’s not just all good looks, the board features a 15-phase power design, fan controller, and two M.2 slots. The fan controller, as well as RGB features, can be controlled with NZXT’s new CAM software.

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For a more comprehensive look at the features and performance, our very own Joe Shields (earthdog) reviewed the N7 Z370 motherboard on Anandtech.

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  1. I'll have to get more in depth reading the review tonight (have to put a transmission in shortly), but a quick perusal showed an outstanding job on the write up. :thup:
    I have to wonder about heat from the M2 drives and VRMs with all that shielding, though. Airflow seems to be on the decline in a lot of current cases, add that to all those shrouds and all the OC goodies in the world won't matter if you hit a heat wall at or near stock speeds. Interesting design, to be sure, but I'm curious as to how this plays out in real world applications. Regardless, another player in the mobo market is a good thing and I wish NZXT luck.
    i did a doubletake when i saw the title! interesting for sure. its an attention grabber with everything covered up. strange that they didnt include any usb 3.1? i like it but i dont think i would be comfortable doing hardcore ocing without some kind of active cooling. side case fan blowing on it maybe. it would be a perfect mb for a HAF X. the black covers would fit in perfectly. it would stay nice and cool with that big ol 200mm blowing on it! they maybe should have gone the evga dark route and added some small fans to help max out the ocing? still its a sweet board.