CES 2021: DeepCool Introduces a New Brand Identity

Yesterday, DeepCool revealed a new company logo that is designed to usher in a new corporate identity. Additionally, DeepCool has updated its website with a “New Look: New Era”. Here is the announcement from DeepCool’s press room.

Premier PC hardware manufacturer DeepCool reveals a new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo, and website. This new brand identity reflects a continuous evolution of the organization, its products, and the computer hardware industry as a whole.

The new DeepCool logo is composed of multiple square unit elements like components that can be assembled into a complete system, representing the spirit of DIY PC building.

DeepCool has been developing high-quality computer hardware for enthusiasts and PC gamers for over 20 years. The new branding unifies each product line under DeepCool and embodies our focus on delivering performance hardware and components for the DIY PC community.

Look out for all-new DeepCool products in the upcoming year that feature the new brand identity and logo designed for the modern age.  The new DeepCool brand identity is an extensive initiative designed to carry the company forward in better serving its partners and customers.

About Us
DeepCool was founded with the mission of providing high-performance PC hardware and thermal solutions for enthusiasts across the world. Headquartered in Beijing with manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, DeepCool has produced award-winning products built upon a dedication of self-improvement and innovation.
With customers and a distribution network in over 70 countries worldwide, DeepCool is committed towards maintaining excellent customer satisfaction. From cooling solutions, to cases, power supplies and accessories, DeepCool continues to expand its portfolio of products that empower gamers and enthusiasts to build better systems to meet the rapid paces of technology.
Why Choose DeepCool?
Green & Eco-friendly
To protect our planet and practice sustainable development, all manufacturing facilities of DeepCool comply with the ISO14000 environmental management standards. Since 2006, DeepCool is committed every year to upkeep improvements on environmental protection, energy-savings and consumption reduction.
Since 2008, the DeepCool brand has been a dedicated thermal cooling solution manufacturer insisting on innovation through industry-university collaboration to continuously improve research and development to meet customer needs.
DeepCool highly values product R&D, and has developed innovative PC cooling and PC case design concepts. In pursuit of better technology advancements, DeepCool has obtained various patents to improve product performance and optimizes the manufacturing process.
DeepCool factories are certified by ISO Quality Management System every year. To maintain high product quality, we only purchase high quality raw materials from suppliers across the world and take strict control in each stage of material handling.
First-Class Manufacturing
The quality of DeepCool product is guaranteed by its mature manufacturing process and comprehensive muti-category production capability. By continuously optimizing the manufacturing system and process with advanced automation equipment, DeepCool vastly improved the flexibility and efficiency of its production line. With its highly competitive manufacturing process level, DeepCool is one of the very few manufacturers that are capable to mass-produce AIO liquid CPU coolers.
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Yesterday DeepCool revealed a new company logo that is designed to usher in a new corporate identity. Additionally, DeepCool has updated its website with a "New Look : New Era". Here is the announcement from DeepCool's press room.

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