Core Temp 1.0 RC1 Released

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Our very own The_Coolest just announced the first release candidate for version 1.0 of his Core Temp program. This release has many new features and bug fixes. It also coincides with the release a nifty monitoring app for your Android smartphone.

image courtesy
RC1 Screenshot (Courtesy CoreTemp)

Here is the changelog for this version:

*** Core Temp Monitor is now available, an Android app to monitor your machines from anywhere in the world! More information can be found here

  • New: Multilingual interface. Core Temp now natively supports adding non-English languages.
  • New: Plugin system – 3rd party developers can now create plugins and extensions for Core Temp, both native code and .Net is supported, please see this for more information.
  • New: Added support for Intel Pentium and AMD K5 and newer processors. (detection only, Temperature by Acpi Thermalzones)
  • New: Added support for VIA processors. (C3 – detection only, Temperature by Acpi Thermalzones)
  • New: Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Fusion (Brazos, Llano) support.
  • New: Max TDP detection on supporting processors.
  • New: Power consumption on Intel’s Nehalem and newer processors.
  • Fix: All of the user reported bugs and many more unreported problems.
  • Update: Optimized the startup code, Core Temp should now launch 2 to 4 times faster.
  • Update: Optimized many other aspects of the code, Core Temp should now consume much less CPU time than before.
  • Update: Restored support for older OS: Windows XP is now fully supported, Windows 2000 requires security updates KB935839, KB835732 and GDI+. In some cases hotfix KB816542 may be needed as well.

Head over to the Core Temp home page to download the program and check out the complete changelog. You can also join the existing discussion threads in the AMD and Intel forums here on Overclockers.



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  1. Yes, followed that to the letter, I also have my Android on the same network so dont need port forwarding, I did however open port 5200 to ensure access.... connection just times out after a minute or two
    Gotcha. I don't have an Android based phone myself so I haven't tested it but I do know of one person who was able to get it to work. I'll see if I can flag The_Coolest down for you.
    Got it working, looks pretty good, only comment is when I minimize the Coretemp Window in Windows it still sits on the bar at the bottom, suppose to go to the Win tray not?
    I guess I won't be running Core Temp any more, since there is no way to keep the installer from putting that crappy Yahoo toolbar and other malware on my computer.:mad: And don't say I can uninstall it from the control panel. I don't want the crap put on in the first place and there is no way to install Core Temp without their crappy toolbar being installed.:bang head:bang head:bang head
    Glad I don't run an AMD system now, because Real Temp doesn't foist off that Yahoo crap on their users!
    @ muddocktor
    The installer *SHOULD NOT* have installed the toolbar if you clicked Decline.
    If it did then it's a bug. Several other users have reported the same issue, and W3i is working on getting this problem fixed.
    I see nothing positive in giving users a bad experience using my software and force them to install something they don't want. There is no benefit of working this way as it is a guaranteed way of losing your user base and this was not my intention.
    I'm really sorry that this new version has left a bad taste.
    The standalone version is available, when you click on 'Extras' under the main download link you will see it.
    @ Brolloks
    Were you also able to get the Monitor app on your Android working as well?
    Regarding the minimize to tray part of your question:
    You can either disable the Windows 7 features altogether or untick the checkbox at the bottom, and the taskbar button will be hidden when you minimize it
    Not sure if anyone else can confirm but when my internet connection is via proxy only, I am not able to use the InstallIQ installer to install Core Temp. My work connection goes through proxy only so it didn't work.
    I agree with you Mudd, the installer is definitely painful at best. If I didn't know TC, I would probably not be installing it just because I don't trust the installer.