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Today is the last day those in the United States can register their phone numbers for the National Do-Not-Call registry and keep most telemarketers away beginning on October 1.

Here’s the FAQ on the subject

Not all telemarketers are covered (political organizations, charities and places you’ve actually done business with are excluded).

However, for businesses, and charitable solicitations done by pro-profit telemarketers, if you get a call and tell them not to call again, they are required to honor your request.

Where Is Our Lawman?

The telemarketers aren’t too happy about this. They plan court action, saying that laws like this are an intolerable infringement of their freedom.

When anti-spam legislation comes up, that voice will be even louder.

When you back the P2Pers into a corner, what do they cry? Freedom!

To update Samuel Johnson, freedom is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

These people don’t want freedom. They want freedom from. Freedom from responsiblity. Freedom from accountability. Freedom from law, from justice.

That’s not freedom.

Freedom is not “I can do anything I want.” If that were the case, you could kill anyone you want, and they could kill you.

Oh, you don’t want that much freedom?

What freedom really is is the ability to do what you want to the extent that it doesn’t infringe upon the rights of others.

This, of course, is a definition the telemarketers and spammers and P2Pers (and they’re all birds of a feather on this, you are all a band of brothers) cannot stand.

No, they pervert the Golden Rule, and twist it into “Do not do unto me what I do unto others.”

There are those who believe that the Internet should somehow be law-free, a bastion of “freedom.”

These days we see what that “freedom” truly is. The freedom to spread computer disease. The freedom to harass the world. The freedom to take from others, and take down those who differ from you.

The “freedom” of me regardless of the we.

That is the freedom of the criminal mind.

Think about it.


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