Do Unto Others . . .

Here’s the scenario:

You have multiple computers in your place. Since you and/or your wife don’t find CAT cable to be exactly a decorating accessory, you decide wireless is the way to go, so you get yourself a Wi-Fi home networking kit.

All goes well until one day, your broadband connection slows down. A lot. You go through a fairly large amount of grief trying to find out why, until you do find out why. “Why” is your neighbor who bought himself a Wi-Fi card and has been thoroughly enjoying your broadband connection for free.

You confront him, and he tells you, “I think broadband costs too much.”

Then he tells you you’re greedy and selfish for not wanting to share.

For an extra bonus, since he really believes in sharing, he has an external antenna outside so others can share, too.

After you broach the subject of theft, he tells you that you’re a blatant hypocrite because he’s just ripping off corporations the same way you do when you download music and programs, and you’re just helping him out a little.

Then he tells you if you shut him down, he’ll file complaints against your broadband company for violating the TOS and shut you down, too.

What do you say to him? Just what do you say? How would you feel about it? What would you do? I’d like to hear it.

Before It Happens

Yes, there are ways to prevent broadcasting broadband, which are detailed in this article on the subject, which also talks about some real-life instances of this going on. Certainly something to keep in mind should you ever go that route.

But again, how do you think you’d feel being put in the shoes of The Man? If you shut it down, why are you being so greedy and selfish? 🙂


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