Evercool 3.5" Cool Wheel HD Cooler

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Effective 3.5″ HD cooler – Joe

SUMMARY: Effective, very quiet hard drive cooler.


The good guys at Evercool were nice enough to send a sample of their Cool Wheel 3.5″ HD Cooler to try out. This unit features two 51 mm fans for hard drive cooling.

Key Features:

  • Size 130 x 101 x 17 mm
  • Fan size 51 x 15 mm; Speed 2500 rpm; Noise <23 dBA
  • Weight 120 grams

The fans are those that you’ll see for a blower:



This allows the cooler to sit flush – there is no need for fan clearance, which is a plus for a stack of hard drives. The power pin plugs can be plugged into a hard drive’s power plug.


To test its effectiveness, I placed a thermocouple of the top of a Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm, 120 GB, HD and measured the drive and ambient temps; I then mounted the HD Cooler and measured temps after a half hour with the following results:


HD Temp

Ambient Temp


No Cooler




Evercool 3.5″ HD Cooler




Evercool’s HD Cooler dropped drive temps by 8.4ºC – not bad! The fans are very quiet – you will not hear it in a case.


Evercool’s 3.5″ HD Cooler is a simple, attractive, effective solution to moderating HD temps with the added benefit that the fans do not need clearance to function. I installed it to test and it’s staying there.

Thanks again to Evercool for sending this our way to test out.

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