Fan Noise Utility

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Calculate the dBA level from mutliple fans – Korndog

I wrote this program to estimate fan noise from a number of different fans. As the screen shot shows, you enter the number of fans with their respective dbAs and you get the combined total.


Note that dbAs add up at an exponential rate, so the greater the difference, the less you
add. If the dbA difference between two fans is 10 dbA (for example, 28 dbA
and 38 dbA) your total dbA would be 38.3, which is a little increase.
Anything over 10 dbA of change will increase the total value by less than
0.1 dba, which I didn’t factor into the program to minimize size and
complexity. 🙂

The file is zipped and only 41K: decibels


Korndog aka Khaled Gaben

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