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172w Pelt power source amp/volt clarification???

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Jun 3, 2001
Im seeing multiple differing awswers on the amps/volts needed to run these pelts. From what ive been reading im starting to set my mind on a bench power supply. The problem is that one company has a nice 10-20v 10amp only option, other has a 0-15v 0-25amp option. Ive been looking for one that goes up to lets say 25v/amps but havent seen one yet.

On that note (a given i lack the basic tech knowledge on electricity), which is likely to be a problem. A ps with a few amps short of needed or one with too little voltage. The one at http://mpja.com/product.asp?product=12640+PS appears to be best but tops out at 15v vice the quoted 20+ someone mentioned needed for this pelt unit.

In short what will be the results of using each of these ps for a 172w pelt?
Tks for the info.

The 2nd one is at Alltronics and has 0-20v but only 10a, wondering if that would be a better solution. Also, if i found one with lets say variable voltage but set for a single amperage like 30 amps, how would placing the pelt unit be affected on that one? Would it just draw the amperage it needed or given my limited knowledge of electricity, would the ps force it to take 30 amps and burn it out?
Here is a simple illustration of how voltage and amperage works.

Lets say you have 2 water lines both running at 60 psi.

The differance is that one line is a 1 inch id pipe and the other line is a 1 foot id pipe.

Now both are running at the same preasure 60 psi, but of course you get a greater volume out of the bigger pipe right?

The preasure is the volts

The volume delivered is the amperage.

You need a psu of the right voltage that can deliver at least the amperage the tec needs. If it needs 15 amps a psu rated at 20 amps will work just as good as 1 rated for 50 amps.

I use a TE Technology PS-24-12.5 for a 172w tec. http://www.tetech.com/power/