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6700K odd temperature spread

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Aug 4, 2004
Poked Prime95 2.87 with small FFT option, sat there running it for a while as my PC speaker blared at me since I had it set to go off at 70c.

Should I be wary of that 7c gap between the first and last core? (Or that it's less hot downward across all four as such.)
Still feel weird going over 55c having come from older AMD based CPUs, and this thing can apparently handle up to 80 with a thermal throttle in place, and failure at 100c from what I was reading.

Mind you this is only over using the mentioned Prime95 stressing with small FFTs, and that one apparently make use of some set in these Intel chips that can make them mad-hot. ACX2 I believe it's called? Under normal use and stuff, I've yet gone over really 64c. usually borderline 58c-62c with heavier CPU dependent apps/games.

BUT I AM SORT OF GOING OFF TOPIC HERE, mainly was wondering about that odd spread of heat between the cores.


Aug 14, 2014
Anything below 90c is good (although seemingly some don't like 85c+) and up to 10c difference between cores is normal :thup:


Premium Member
Mar 11, 2003
Nothing to worry about. All cores are within 10c. You're safe. The chip will throttle somewhere near 100c. So keeping it at 80 or less is fine. You wont hurt it.



Oct 17, 2011
OP, your core spread looks great! Take a look at my thread just a few notches below yours, that is when I feel there are problems. Newegg didn't hesitate to give me an RMA replacement when I explained my massive core spread among temps.