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Ak70 overclockable?

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New Member
Mar 7, 2001
I´m the proud owner of a AK70 motherboard, from abit (I think).
I read the users manual, but i doesn´t say anything about multipliers or dividers.
Does anyone have any experience overclocking this card? Any help would be much appreciated.
The CPU is a 700MHz Athlon.
Sound like you're running a Slot A Athlon Classic 700 on a KX133 chipset Abit KA7. If so, you do not have multiplier settings on the motherboard. You must get a Golden Fingers Device (GFD) to change the multiplier. The GFD installs on the Slot A Processor board itself. You can only O/C about 10% by increasing the FSB since chipset isn't stable over 110 MHz or so.
DaveB, I think you may be right but I also know that there's a Socket A mobo out there called the AK74, made by DFI... but if he's got this mobo he's just straight up outta luck... no multiplier adjustments on that thing. It's just another (pretty much) generic knockoff KT133 mobo... ahh, the poor souls that don't have multiplier adjustment.... :-(

Yeah, after I posted the initial message, I did some further research, and I have come to the same sad conclusion. Since I´m not really up to breaking open the CPU-cover, stopped the project. I will, however, mount a bigger cooler on my creative GeForce 256, and try to tweak a little more juice out of that. I doesn´t seem to bee such a big operation.