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anyone use a graphics tablet?

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Wommalong said:
No... but, i use a CalComp Digitising tablet at work. This thing is big 2m x1.5m:eek:

heh, that sounds way out of my league ;)

i was thinking about getting one to play with though.
I've had one from Wacom for a long time myself, came with a USB mouse. hardly use it anymore, though.
I found them only mildly useful but that's because I've learned how to draw better with a mouse. If you learned traditional drawing and rendering the tablet and pen will be MUCH more comfortable for you.

I sold mine because the pen grew more and more uncomfortable. Hence why I honed my skills on computers.
I have one, a usb wacom one. Its nice to do sketech type stuff but i am not a fan of if I need to draw something really accurate.

Status = Has been unplugged for 3 months.

If will eventualy use it more, but for now the mouse is holding out.
well, i can't really think of anything i need one for, but it looked neat. and i'm horrible at drawing with the mouse. was just something to play around with.
I've been thinking of getting one, for Maya and Photoshop. From what i've heard, Wacom is the way to go. The intuos2 is supposed to be the best bang for the buck, and the one in the link is supposed to be good for beginners, although small.

The last graphics tablet I used was called the "Versawriter"...plugged into the Apple ][ by way of the internal joystick port.

Brings back some memories.