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Aren't Alphas Supposed to be good??

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Mar 9, 2001
Ithaca, NY
Here's my problem... i have a tbird AXIA 1.2 266 bus... I just removed the HSF and processor to clean the mobo... put it back in, and.... Here's the specs first im running it in a kt7a-raid board, with an aplha pal6035 and a delta. I've got the delta sucking air out of the heatsink. Now, the problem... The FSB is at 133, no overclock. Im running 118 to 120 f (46-48C) IDLE>>>>>>>>>> what the Fukk..... ive used arctic silver, and lapped the heatsink... used to get below 40C under prime95 loads...... what'd i do wrong this time? too much silver? I found a chip out of the die's corner, but it still runs no problem... just hot. I wont turn the computer on again until i can figure out the problem


Forgot to mention... room temp is like 86F...... fukkin dorms with no A/C....
Turn your fan around so it is blowing. I found my temps dropped with a blowing fan.
It may be the room temperature. Since its nearing summer, temperatures are going to go up, therefore, your heatsink won't be able to cool as much as it could before
The PAL-6035 is an excellent HS. However, even with a Delta 38, it's not up to drawing ~61 Watts of heat away from the T-Bird fast enough. I'd try an Alpha PEP-66, modded to run vertically(no sweat) with the Delta 38. There are a plethora of Socket A specific HSF's, Alpha isn't the only way to go.
well.... i'll eat my own words... Alpha's are great...

I re-seated the HS, and re-applied AS2. Room temp:90 CPU Temp; IDLE: 94 Prime95 Torture Test after 3 hours: 111.... i dont know of many heatsinks that can keep a processor at 4F above ambient....... WOW!!