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Athlonxp's faster then p4's, why?

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Apr 21, 2002
Boston Area
why are athlon xp's faster then p4's for folding? i have my p4 running at 3ghz and my friend's who i just convinced to start folding, has a 1800+ and is getting 3 minute frames on a tinker while im getting 5 minutes frames on a gromacs. i know it's true, but i just wanna know why?

(by the way i have added my friend's 1800+ and 800mhz athlon to the arsenal :), more to come!)
When you compare youu have to compare using the same Work Unit on both boxes. The Work Units are different sizes and are different between Gromacs and Tinkers. Gromacs are giving more points for me:D
emericanchaos said:
gromacs utilizes memory bandwidth as well. that's the P4's big advantage over athlons
No not really. I have 2 machines, both running at 2200Mhz. 1 is at 169 x 13 and the other is at 138 x 16 and they fold at virtually the same rate...
P4s have a lot of GHz but they do a crappy amount of work each cycle. That's the only wahy they can get so many GHz out of them.

axlecrusher said:
P4s have a lot of GHz but they do a crappy amount of work each cycle.

Thats why I bought a Athlon XP. Actually it was cheaper and I got hooked back in the T-Bird days to AMD. ;) :p :D

Yes Axle is correct it is about the more efficient the processor. There are most lickly lots of other reasons, but that seems to be a big one.
I have 6 p4 @2.66Ghz and 2 xp2000+ and each p4 kick butt on the each xp on gromacs to the tune of at least 40% gain in production. I dont know where you guys are getting your numbers but I have to disagree that the xps out fold p4s.
As far as price goes you can pick up a 2.4 p4 retail for $169 at new egg and you are almost garranteed to get 2.8 from them and most of the time more.
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seamadan000's right, the FPU is the reason the XP's own the p4's on the tinker core. The reason it's closer with the gromacs core is the memory bandwidth. Basically with gromacs, the p4's are almost even with the XP's but from the frame times I've seen, the XP's are still faster though.
No no no... It is NOT about mem bandwidth!!! Gromacs give a huge boost on BOTH XP's and P4's... It is the SSE instructions that give the boost and with P4's it makes a huge difference from tinker, on the XP it is a good boost, but not as dramatic as the P4/P3's. Again, it has nothing to do with mem bandwidth! It is different than SETI...
Hawk, I have to disagree with you regarding the P4 vs XP. Your P4's are running at 2.66 GHz, while the XP's (I assume in your sig) are running at 1.7 GHz. That is a difference of 56% (2.66/1.7), but the P4's are only producing 40% more PPW. Therefore, the P4's are slower on a points per GHz basis.

My P4 @ 2.3 barely beats my 1800+ Tbred @ 1.8 on a PPW basis. I calculated the points per hour / GHz for all of my CPU's. I found that the P4 earns about 1.3 PPH/GHz, while the Tbred's earn about 1.5 PPH/GHz. These were all calculated using Gromacs (18 and 33 pointers). How do your CPU's compare?
with gromacs, on my machines the p4's fold faster, but the XP are way cheaper so thats some thing to look at.

for speed testing reasons only, i have all 5 machines working on the same workuinit, ie i copyed the folder to all machines, and ran it times are from EMIII, keep in mind that my P4 eng, is running all of my other programs, and the XP/MP's have just win2k on them and folding is the only thing running.

the test frame, 602 p909_vill_stro (909)9/73/0[144] frames 90-93 for testing
p4 eng smpl 2.0 ghz at 2.0 ghz
6.39 per frame,
11.05.00 per wu

p4 2.0 ghz at stock
6.39 per frame,
11.05.00 per wu

AMD MP 2100 @ stock cpu 1
8.17 Per frame
13.48.20 per wu

AMD MP 2100 @ stock cpu 2
8.13 Per frame
13.41.40 per wu

AMD xp 2000 + @ stock
8.10 Per frame
13.36.40 per wu

all sysetms were running the console version, ie text, all have 512 mb of ram, and all were running win2k pro, with the exemption of the eng smpl, it has win xp pro on it.

p3 1.4 tully @ stock
10.28 Per frame
17.26.40 per wu
How do you get that the XP's are cheaper??? 2.4 GHZ retail $159
2.1GHZ XP $320 OEM. That p4 will do 2.8-3.0 easily. There is no way XP's are cheaper.