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Bad HyperX?

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Dec 15, 2002
Well it seems my Kingston HyperX PC3500x2 is crap...it cant even complete a loop of Memtest86 @ 200 MHz w/out locking up, even with loose timings and "turbo" disabled. Any ideas or is it time to RMA this crap again? I'm running it at 2.85v, max my mobo can do.

P4 2.8C
Asus P4C800-E
HyperX PC3500x2 (512mb x2)


Dec 11, 2003
I am having the same sort of problems with my Hyper-X. I already RMAed once, so I get a couple new sticks back...they run normal stuff fine, but if I try to run Memtest86 I can never get it to finish without freezing up, plus it gets errors on the 5th test everytime (if it makes it that far)...


Nov 6, 2001
The reason that the 3500 doesnt do as well is because it uses Winbond CH5 RAM, which isnt a great overclocker and has some issuse with Intel I think. This is also true with the 3200A. However, the 3200 Non-A and 3000 still ships with Winbond BH5, which is the chips used on the much more expensive Mushkin and OCZ RAM. Even for CH5 though, it sounds like that RAM isnt doing well. You might want to think about RMA'ing it.


Jul 24, 2003
Nashville, TN
hmmm, I can't say that all pc3500 hyperx sucks, but I would stay away from the modules that are now being produced.

Hell-Fire -XS-

Dec 9, 2003
Story for ya....

I had 4 sticks of HyperX 3500 BH5 that wouldnt even do stock speeds....regardless of voltage (gave em as much as 3.3v). RMA they went...was disappointed to send the infamous BH5 back to its maker. :( They sent me back CH5 sticks...and I was like well chit on me. But, they might not do CAS-to-RAS 2, but 3 isnt all that bad...espec since they will do 2-3-3-5 at 225fsb. They have hit as high as 235 on my board....I am thinking maybe in an NF7, they would hit 250. I need to do the Vdd mod on my board to see if thats whats keep me from 240+. :rolleyes:

Maybe the BH5 no likey the A7N8X line....who the heck knows. Only thing I know for certain is that I tried Corsair and HyperX BH5 sticks and they crapped on me.

If you want guaranteed BH5 sticks that are HyperX, get these:

HyperX 3200 or HyperX 3200K2...do not get the 3200A sticks.