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Cooling a new 1.4gig Tbird

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oc jason

Senior Member
Feb 12, 2001
Fayetteville, AR
I was gonna put myself on a list to receive one of the new 1.4gig Tbirds out on June4th. Was wondering if a Peltier is the way to go, or if Watercooling is better? I want it to be portable! Also what is cheaper? doesnt really matter but i want a COLD( cool) chip as i can get-this is my case and the availible room left in it-will have more after i put in the socket mobo and HS, vice the slot that is in there now?? Tell me what ou think do i have watercooling room?
DON'T just get a peltier. Your TBird will give off too much heat for a peltier and air cooling to overcome. Water cooling would be nice. If you have a full tower case you should have no problem fitting it completely internal. A mid and it might be a squeeze but still doable. A peltier and water cooling is a good way to get it really cold if you don't mind worrying about condensation. If you do get a pelt and water setup you will probably need a secound power supply so a full Tower would be necissary. You are gunna want a 115W peltier or higher to cool down the bird and a 300W+ power supply for the pelt and board.
Not quite Door Knob, if you want to cool a T-Bird with a peltier, definately go with a 172 watt peltier. To cool that kind of peltier though, you'll definetly need a watercooling rig. Then there's the power supply. You'll need a much more powerful PSU to get the most effective cooling. Usually, you'll need to get a seperate power supply to supply 24 volts at the required amps. Here's a website on how to get 24 volts from a regular computer PSU. Remeber, though, you'll need to get a PSU that can pump out about 12 amps. If you still want one PSU, you'll probably need a high voltage Enermax PSU. With this, though, you'll only get about 86 watts of cooling on a regular 12 volt line. But before, you may just want to try the watercooling setup. If want even better results, then consider getting a peltier. From the research I've done, it's pretty hefty and complicated meeting all the requirements it will need
I tried one 172 watt pelt on a Bird. Not enough. I will finally get to try two of them this weekend.