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Do I have a dead P4?

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Oct 26, 2002
Northern Virginia
Just got an RMA replacement P4B533. I put the system together tonight and it won't POST. Here's what I've done so far:

- Checked all my connections, etc. All okay that I can tell.
- Monitor comes on with "Monitor in Power Save Mode. Use PC to activate" message. Checked to make sure monitor is connected and video card installed properly.
- I get no vocal POST messages or beeps when I turn it on. Fans all power up. Activity lights on CD-ROM and DVD light up.
- I reseated the CPU and made sure it's installed properly.
- Took the CPU out altogether and got the "No CPU Installed" vocal warning. Put the CPU back in and no warnings at all, now.
- Removed RAM (512MB PC2700) and started it up. Did not get "System failed memory test" vocal warning.
- Replaced RAM and removed video card. Did not get the "System failed VGA test" vocal warning.

Motherboard is new out of the box with all default settings. No OS (WIN98SE planned) installed yet.

My CPU is a P4 2.4B B0. My first P4B533 had a cracked ZIF socket and I'm wondering if somehow the CPU got damaged. Now, the stock Intel heatsink does not feel warm to the touch, even after the CPU's been running 10 minutes or so.

Any ideas, anybody? Thanks in advance.