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does cooling the chipset, and ram, and better fans on video make a big diff?

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Apr 5, 2001
Wichita Falls, Texas
Okay, will it make a huge difference if I change the fans on my v5 5500 agp? how about if I cool the north and southbridge chips on my mobo? or the ram?
here are my specs.
iwill ka266-r, 256mb crucial pc2100 ram, v5 5500agp, 1.33 GHz t-bird(in the mail)with factory heatsink for now(getting swiftech mcw-462 soon), large case with 5x 80mm fans(2pulling, 3 pushing), 40 gig ata100maxtor Diamondmax HDD.
I know on the Video card that the factory fans are just goog enough, I replaced mine w/ a Blue Orb. Before doing that I had random lock ups of the video card, since then runs great. I can play UT or Serious Sam for hours w/o a hitch.
I did put a 40mm Vantec fan and greenie on the northbridge chip, don't know if it helped but it couldn't hurt.
For me A better Fan worked very well.
I added a 80 mm fan to the passive heatsink of my Voodoo 3 which was very hot. Now my Voodoo 3 3000 runs at 186 Mhz without any Problem and cool
Putting a better heatsinkfan on your northbridge is said to help some people get higher FSB settings out of there machine i cut down a hsf that i had bought for 5 bucks at a pc store much larger then the greenie. I dont think putting a HSF on your southbridge will help allthough i did put a HS on mine for the heck of it. Unless your ram is overheating I do not think it helps, some people do put HS on there ram on videocards though. I cut down a large HSF and put it on my GF-2 mx but i did.nt notice any improvement but i'm happy its there. there's a good article in either the cooling tips or the videocard tips section about a guy who put peltiers on his video card and the results were not all that it should have been. its worth reading
The question is:

"Okay, will it make a huge difference if I change the fans on my v5 5500 agp? how about if I cool the north and southbridge chips on my mobo? or the ram?"

In my opinion, no. It won't make a huge difference. But, some of those mods do make a small difference. Each one adds up with all the other mods and tweaks you've been doing, so benchmarks are bound to go up.

A good cooler on your video card GPU is good. A slot exhaust fan next to the AGP card helps with cooling too. If your motherboard has a northbridge "greenie" heatsink, you really should put a 40mm fan onto it. It's a nice, cheap, easy mod that helps motherboard cooling and stability. I've tried sinks on the video RAM and on the mobo southbridge and didn't really notice much cooling or stability gain there. A little heatsink on the ICS clock generator helps a bit at high FSB speeds. I doubt that RAM heatsinks on the main memory modules will help much at all.
I replaced my hsf's on my 5500 because while running UT the card was literally too hot to touch under the GPU's. They really use a JUNK thermal pad and minimal fans. I JB Welded (cold welded) 2x1 1/4" heat sinks in their place (on the corners of course with AS in the center) and blowing an 80mm fan across the card. Now I can touch it under full load and it's only warm to touch.

#1 you don't need to generate that kind of heat directly below your CPU. heat rises or is sucked in by the CPU HSF.

#2 The 80mm not only is more effective, but helps dissipate the heat from rising up to the CPU.

Hope this helps.