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Does this sound right?

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Senior Member
Jun 12, 2001
Dorchester UK
I have a ThermoEngine with the 7200 Delta fan. Since removing the thermal pad and applying thermal grease my temps are now 45 C idle and up to 50 C load on a 1000@1130 Thunderbird. I also moved the socket thermistor so that it was in direct contact with the CPU. My Mobo temp is 23.7 C, by all accounts my temps should be about 5-8 C lower than they are now. The HSF is seated correctly and thermal paste applied as per recommendations. BIOS readings at startup show the CPU temp to be 31-33C
Could it be that moving the socket thermistor altered the accuracy of the temps. I have no problems with stability and run Seti 50% of the time. Due to constraints with settings on my MoBo this is as far as I can O\C.
It puzzles me as to why my temps are so high, any ideas?
It's possible that the motherboard readings are just incorrect. If you want truely accurate readings, you need something like the compunurse that sits on the side of the cpu core. I seriously doubt that your temps are that high with that cooler.
Is this using the bad clip you mentioned in "Vendor discussion"? If it is, it could be that there wasn't enough pressure.
No they supplied me with a brand new clip, fitted today. I've a feeling it's because I moved the thermistor. I'm puzzled as I have seen higher clocked machines with much lower temps. Also the WPCredit registry patch lowered my idle temps by wait for it ...........0.5C.
Mostlikely the temps reported are incorrect. I have very bad reported temps from my Asus probe setup.