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GF4TI4200....the answer to all our prayers...!

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Apr 18, 2001
Troy, NY
I've been beating myself silly lately...

High end GF2?
GF3 Ti200?
GF4 MX440?

I'm all better now! Woo! Definitely will take the GF4 4200! Oh please, please, be released soon!



Feb 10, 2002
Norman, OK
I think now the mx series will only go for the oem market, since they are so crappy, i still want to wait a little more to see what nvidia does to refresh their current lines of NV25 cards like they did with the NV20


Jan 6, 2002
From what I've read on x-bit and other sites, sounds like the card is coming late this month. There should be two versions, one 64mb one 128mb (KEEP IN MIND FSAA is helped a lot by 128mb, and on a card designed to take advantage of that much RAM, it should help out a lot more than it does on the GF3 Ti200). They should launch at $179 and $199 respectively. This is going to be one heck of a card... 20-25% faster than a Ti500, overclocks well, awesome FSAA speeds (70-90% faster than a Ti500 if you compare Ti4600 to Ti500 and then adjust for the different clock speeds of the Ti4600/Ti4200 so you have a "virtual" comparison), and inexpensive, as well as having good drivers, dual-monitor support, and many will have VIVO (capture card, like an AIW Radeon).