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GlobalWin WBK38 Noise Reduction ?

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Jun 9, 2001
I just bought a GlobalWin WBK38, and it sounds like a freaking F16. It's driving me mad! Good cooling tho :). I was wondering if anyone had any tips on reducing the noise level ? I have a few degrees to spare if it's possible to decrease the speed of it. Any ideas ?
some list members have tried replacing the screws that mount the fan to the sink w/ dabs of silacone caulk....but this method did not seem to lend a great deal to the noise level.

Depending on what type of heatsink you have, you could try reversing the fan so that it is sucking air from the sink instead of blowing onto it. I've heard that this is the most significant way to reduce Delta 38 ear-aches. Good luck.

Thanks I'll try reversing the fan. Will it reduce the noise by a lot ?
GRiMMi (Jun 11, 2001 10:38 a.m.):
Thanks I'll try reversing the fan. Will it reduce the noise by a lot ?

Well, the best way to find out would be to run it for a few min. w/ the regular setup...get a general idea of the noise level. Then switch the fan and see where your at.

Radio shack sells noise meters but that's probably overkill. Your heatsink is alumnium right? I wouldn't advise switching the fan direction if your using a copper heat sink. Good luck, be careful and be sure to let us know how you make our.
The best way is to plug it in to your mb i have a p3v4x and when i do that the fan only spins at 4800 compared to the 6000 when pluged in to the psu try it works and is a hell of alot more quit i have had it there for2months and no blowin headers like everyone says will happen
That may indeed work, but it is using the fan header and the circuit traces leading to it as a crude form of a resistor. I will add this one to my "Bad Electronics" dictionary. ;D

Doooh ohwell it works for me and i have had no probs so i will keepp doing it
I have an Asus A7V-E and it can take 7200 rpm - np. So that won't work :)
I'll be reversing the thing in a min now.
How "open" is your case? I've heard of some people insulating the insides of their cases with thin foam (the kind that comes in mother board boxes). It's not something that I would want to do myself, because I think that the insulation would retain some heat in the case. But it could be a solution to your problem.
I just reversed the fan - and it's even noisier. I think it maybe was "reversed" already.
I'll try putting some "foam" inside.
There are a couple of ways i have tried:
1. Reduce the voltage of the fan, hence drop the RPM and the noise, this can be done through a Fan Bus or through hard wiring. The downside is not as good cooling.
2. I cut up some ear plugs and used these like shock absorbers under my fan, inbetween the interface of the heatsink and fan.
3. Buy a larger fan with the same or higher cfm but with lower noise rating, i tried this and it worked great, but went back to the delta when i started hardcore overclocking.

Good luck
the best way to reduce the noise of the WBK is to just buy a 36cfm 80 MM fan and stick it on there. you will get almost no loss in cooling and definitely save your ears.
Thanks for all the input guys :)
I just put my old fan in 'cause this was unbearable - losing the overclocking abilities there :(
Anyway I would like to make this work 'cause I'm utterly broke - no money for a new fan :) I don't even have income.
You mentioned something about reducing the voltage to it ? Can I do that without being a total electronics guy?
Sure can just put the red wire onto the yellow one on the 4 pin connector and there you have an easy fan mod.
That is the red wire from the fan to the yellow of the PSU 4 pin connection.
The red wire from the fan is already connected to the yellow wire in the 4 pin thing.
The black wire from the fan to the black wire beside the yellow on the 4 pin.
Yeah that should be it, no diference ?
try the red on red then

Yes black to black
That was how it was delivered. It has a normal thing that u can connect to the cpu fan outtake on ur mobo, but it also has one where you can connect it to the power supply - with a normal 4 pin connector.
The power supply connector not the mobo one is what i am talking about, leave the black wire connected and alternate the red wire form the red to yellow pin in the connector, you will find one is at 12V and one i think is at 7V or something like that.
Being a DC fan when you lower the voltage the RPM drops proportionally, hence the noise drops,
I did this with a delta i had and once i had the cash i bought a fan bus, which allows me to switch it when i want.
Hope this helps
Yeah I am also talking about the power supply one - 4 pins, 1 red 1 yellow and 2 black wires. The red wire from the fan goes to the red wire on the 4 pin connector, and the black goes to the black beside it.
If I reversed it from there, wouldn't that just give the fan MORE power ?