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Good quality inexpensive PC2700

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New Member
Dec 5, 2003
Los Angeles
Where can I get some decent PC2700 for a reasonable price? I want to get two 512s and I'm seeing prices in the 58-60$ area, but when I go to buy it, they're trying to upsell me by saying: "This is generic memory, it's CAS 3, 4-layer, can't guarantee compatibility blah, blah, so get the "good one" for $80 per DIMM. Well at $78 I can get Crucial. I don't know much about RAM and all these specs seem b.s. so they can upsell me. I have a Dell Dimension 2400 2.53 GHz with a 400 FSB. The different sites say that I can't use CAS 3 with this system and that theirs 6 layer, instead of four layer blah, blah. Heeeeeelp!!!!
Well, generic memory sucks in general. kvr333 from Kingston is good low-end memory. It even has life-time warranty. But, it will kost you 75$ for a 512MB stick at newegg... Cheap and good non-generic mem is hard to find... Happy searching!
I was under the impression that Dell set's their memory timings automatically with a CAS Latency of 3.0 (timings of 3-3-3 | CAS-tRCD-tRP). To find memory that's compatable, you could send a quick e-mail to Dell Support.