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Got a new tinker-toy JIXIB 1800

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Jun 2, 2003
Complete stepping:

AXDA1800DLT3C Y895416250087

Soooo, from the above, I can tell it's the T-Bred B Core 1800 (obviously), but dont know much else. I THINK that the DLT3C was supposed to be good, but I dont know much AMD anymore.

It' the brown PCB - OEM version. It has a slightly elongated core to it...

Can you all fill in the blanks for me and let me know what all of the above means and what frequency I may expect to hit with it.

It's actually for my wife's PC, but I think it'd still be fun to mess with.

i think the gods are telling you to build an AMD system. im not god or anything, but if you put that on an NF7-S with some PC3000 hyper x BH-5 and an SLK, chances are youll get anywhere between 2.4-2.6 with it.
Hmm. I have a Gigabyte NF2 board for it. And the POSSIBILITY to get a hold of some HyperX 3000, but I'm not certain of the chips in the KHX.

Well, thanks a million Sir Barton. I'm going to have fun with this thing. All I need is a HDD and a video card for it. Off to the classifieds :)
AXDA - Core architecture, AMD Athlon XP, 0.13 micron process

1800 - Model Number, 1800+ @ 1533 MHz


D - Package Type, "OPGA" package type
L - Stock Core Voltage, 1.5 V stock Vcore
T - Maxumum Die temperature, 90 Degrees Celcius
3 - L2 Cache size, 256K L2 cache
C - Stock system bus speed, 266 MHz DDR System Bus

Y895416250087 - Seriel number

JIXIB - Stepping, the B indicates a Thoroughbred "B" core, the rest has an unknown meaning

0338 - Birth week, 38th week of 2003

MPMW - Unknown, my personal hypothesis is that it has something to do with either the color of dye they used in the PCB, or the shift manager who was on duty during production ;) ;)

I got my week 32 processor of the exact same stepping as yours (although stepping is usually irrelevant, week of production being more important) to 2638 MHz for what it is worth. Yours is 6 weeks newer, so it should do better.

Where did you get it? :)

EDIT: Just saw - newegg ;)

GREAT felinusz! Thanks for all that. I got it from Newegg. See my above post. Dang, AMD gods ARE speaking to me! Hmm... I see myself duming some money into my wifes machine now (here we go again).
hey....when you gotta OC, you gotta OC....even if your wallet is running on the lean side ;)

BTW....which gigabyte board are you going to use? ive had a couple gigabyte nF2 boards, i can give you a hand.
I hope to have it running by this weekend. I have a PCI crap card to get a visual and a crap 10gb HDD for it (at my bros house). I need a GOOD heatsink, though. Any suggestions, other than the $35 SLK you mentioned earlier? lol.

Also, just popped into my head... what are the chances of this being LOCKED? Eeek!
usually the locked chips are week 39 and above. i just paid $27 for my SLK-900A. it would still be a good idea to get an SLK for that, because even though it runs at 1.5V stock, it still runs at a higher current than the 1.6 and 1.65V variations.
Awesome, I missed the Locked week by 1! This is VERY VERY COOL. I'm all giddy now... over an 1800 - LOL.

Well, I just got the mobo into the case, put the CPU into the socket and plugged in the PSU. Now I need a HDD, memory, video card... and of course a good HS/Fan.
I really hope that it isn't locked! There have been some reports of locked Week 38 Thorougbred processors, but they were *all* DUT3C chips that stock with a Vcore of 1.6.

Why don't you hook it up with the stock heatsink/fan, pull a stick of RAM from your P4 rig, skip the HDD (you only need to get into the BIOS to check if it is locked) - use a PCI Video card if you have one, and just check now to relieve yourself of the tension of waiting? :p
Sorry Barton...

It says on the PCB near the Northbrige: GA-7N400

It's got a passive NB heatsink, I dont see a dual bios, but I may be wrong. I guess this is the bottom of the line Gigabyte NF2 board.

Lotsa pretty colors though, lol.
Well, I can use a stick of my P4 ram... but the manual says that I need at least a 4x/8x card and the PCI junk I have for bad flashes is neither. Also, the CPU was OEM, with no HS/Fan. Bummer, huh?
believe it or not timmy, i ran my barton on that same board at 220x11. its not that bad of a board, its just how the BIOS is set up. also on the newer 7N400 boards, the multi is only selectable via a dipswitch. if you head over to nforcers HQ theres a guy there that has made many good BIOSes for the gigabyte nF2 boards. when youre in the BIOS with that board, press ctrl + F1 and it will unlock the "good stuff" that the board can do. also, dont use DIMM slot 4 on it, it wont work in DC. dont forget to turn the clock switch next to the NB to "off". that board isnt as bad as alot of people think, you just have to tinker with it a little bit.
Great man. I think I'll add you to my buddy list so I can ask you questions when they start rolling in. Thanks again man!

BTW, why set the clock switch to off? I thought that was for the default 100mhz fsb?

*EDIT* you have a linky to the forums you refered to above?
Nuts. I got myself a HS on it and booted up.

I dont know if it's the mobo or what, but no matter what I set this thing to, it ALWAYS ALWAYS BOOTS UP AT 1152mhz.

One time I put it to the stock 133 and set the dipswitches to AUTO and it recognized it as an 1800. ONE TIME. I tried the 10 multi via dipswitches and a 133fsb. It booted as 1152. WTF?! Is this locked, or is the mobo being a PITA? Help Sir Barton!