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Help- CPU is over heating. My pump not working

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New Member
Feb 16, 2017
Okay so this is a new build. I'm still bleeding out the system when suddenly the pump stopped working. I don't know what happened.

I have a Asus Maximus VIII hero mobo and running thermaltake equipment. The pump is the PR22 that connects directly to the mobo not the power supply
Did you run the Pump dry at all? What pump is it exactly? How is the fan profile set up on the mobo?
Never ran it dry. It was working a few hours ago and I was attempting to overoxk the system using the ez thing on the asus mobo.

It's the Thermaltake P22. Not the D. This one only connects to the mobo for power with a 3 pin connector. The fan profile is default
If you touch the Pump do you feel it vibrating? Check your fan profile and try bumping it to full/max. Some pumps do not start well at low voltage. If that does not work try a different fan header or try plugging straight into a Molex connector on the psi via a fan adapter.
No it's not. I fear it's burnt out yet I never ran it without liquid. I pulled the entire thing off and I'm waiting for a Molex connector to get here from Amazon to try it out
Have you checked what is being displayed in the BIOS on that header the pump is connecting too?
It's possible the fan header isn't supplying enough power to the pump or you burned out the header. Most motherboard fan headers are rated at 1 A that pump is drawing around 2 A depending on the speed.
If it's a D5 version, it should come with its own power line for the PSU. If it's a AIO type pump, it shouldn't exceed the fan headers limits.