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Help: USB Type-C to case front panel?

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Nov 27, 2008
Crap! I unfortunately did not check the specs carefully enough....

I just bought an Asus ROG Maximus VIII Ranger mobo with a InWin 805 case....

The case has front panel USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C connectors.
However, the mobo only has USB 3.1 as a back panel connector. There are no mid-board headers for USB 3.1. The only mid-board headers are for use 3.0 and 2.0. :bang head

I really want to get both Type A and C USB 3.1 front panel connectors working as this was the reason for choosing this case.
Unfortunately I can not return the mobo or case.

What could I do?
1) Are there any tricks/mods I can make to route the back panel USB 3.1 type-A and type-C connectors to the front of the case?
2) Are there add on PCIe cards that has mid-board USB 3.1 type-A AND type-C headers that can mate with my case's USB 3.1 headers? I think most usb 3.1 cards just has the ports at the backside. :(

Early adoption sucks :bang head

Any help is appreciated.


Oct 28, 2008
I'm sure there will eventually be add on cards that you will provide internal headers to run to the front panel, but not sure if any are available now as most cases don't have 3.1 ports on them.

What are you looking to hook up via usb 3.1 anyway? Other than a couple of cell phones I have yet to see any type C devices and nothing that can actually utilize the potential of 3.1