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how is this possible???

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Jun 14, 2001
Athens - Greece
i got a nice new full tower case and was too lazy to put in my fans at first. mobo monitor showed a case temp of 32 celsius (the ambient temp was 26 celsius cause I live in greece and it's really hot here even at night :) ) well, i saw that it was too high and put in two of my 80mm fans - one intake and one exhaust - and saw that the case temp rose to 36 celsius with the fans!!! how is this possible?? it doesn't make any sense!
The only way that I see that possible is if you by mistake got both of the fans pushing out , the power supply should be pulling air out so why dont you just sart with one of the fans and see what happens when you force air in , then add the other after you get a temp reading
i found out that the default fan grill is greatly reducing air flow but this can't be the reason why the case temp rose by 4 celsius...
you may have created a dead spot near where the temp is monitored but since i cant see your case its just a guess. have you tried rounding your flat ribbon cables and have you zip tied your wires so that its neat looking as well as this improves airflow. Also i cut out the grill in front of my 2 fans to maximize airflow, another thing i noted was when i plugged a fan into my MB i would get allot more air so i moved the fan wires to different slots in the standard 12 volt connectors so now they were wired for more voltage.Also if you have fans that were ment for your power supply instead of case fans they will run slower but why your temps would be higher is still a guess to me but i'm thinking about it : ) oops just came up with an idea what if your case fans changed the airflow that comes off your HSF from your CPU and now the air is dirrected towards the place where temps are monitored, well as i said without pictures i'm just firing out ideas let us know how things are going and i'm sure we will figure this out.

just thought of this too

those fans are really not enough for a full tower and you should have a little more air moving through your case. have you read through the tips section on cooling ? if not theres allot of great ideas that may help you out on this.
well, i have rounded all cables and also put the psu cables away from airflow's way. i know that two 80mm fans are not enough for a full tower and i'm thinking of adding 3 120mm - 2 blowing from the side, 1 sucking on top. with the cover off the temps fall about 5°c so what i need is better airflow. oh, btw can anybody explain me what chilled water cooling is and how it works? thanks
Jasu Anarki_gr,
I'm from Naples, same temps of Greece, and into my tower case temp is equal or 1 degree up to ambient with 5 Sunon's fans: 2x92mm + 1x80 intake and 1x120 + 1x80 + Ps fan (poor) exhaust.
I've made 2 blow hole on the lateral panel for the 92mm that blow on the Pci cards and Mobo, and 1 on the upper cover case for the 120 that sucks.

In the last days ambient temps drop a little here, but nextly for us it's a big probs, we know :)
jasu!! :)
it's really hot here today! about 34 celsius! and unfortunately i have no ac in my room :( . help me! I'm melting like butter!!! :) isn't your system very noisy with all those fans The Door?
Yes it's noisy, but like MrB (Great Guru) say: louder fans save Cpu's :)

I don't have either AC into my room :-( but I'm thinking of fixing this prob coz with our high temps it's difficult to stay rock stable in the summer.

Do you have enough room into the case to install 2x120mm replacing 80's?
it's faster and gives you great air flow, you can choose Sunon's, Panaflo's and many others, but it's more simple to find Sunon's in our area, and don't forget to buy ball bearing fan, not sleeve bearing.

I hope it helps you, don't hesitate to contact me for all kinds of support.
thanks for your suggestions, i think i'll get some 120mm sunons. I have more than enough space there for 2 120mm fans. actually, i can get more than 6 in there but that's waaaaaaaaay too much :) oh, what's the difference between sleeve bearing and ball bearing?
Sleeve bearing vs. Ball bearing (single and dual)

Why go for Ball bearing:

1. Quieter
2. Longer life under higher temperatures

Why Sleeve bearing:

1. Cheaper (usually)

What's the diff? Think of a table top. Think of a text book. Slide the textbook across the table. That's sleeve bearing.

Take that same textbook and put a few balls under. Slide it across the table. Ball bearing. Understand? See why it's quieter and lasts longer?
You say right CpuWaterCool :)
Ball bearing fans are really quieter, stronger and generally gives more Cfm.
I'm considering to change the 2x80 with 2x120mm for a mega case cooling, and add a switch for turning on/off.