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How much testing to consider memory 'stable'?

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Premium Member
May 17, 2003
So I've been posting in the CPU section because I thought my CPU might be my problem, but of course, instability can come from lots of places.

I've replaced my 16GBx2 GSkill 3600MHz 16-19-19-39 (Micron chips) with GSkill TridentZ RGB Samsung B-die based 16GBx2 3600MHx 14-15-15-35.

I've run Aida64 with CPU/FPU/cache/mem for >12h, and I've run Aida64 with memory testing only for >12h as well. No problems, apparently.

Yesterday I ran Memtest86 from a bootable flash drive, it did 4 passes, took a little more than 5 hours and returned zero errors.

Would you consider this good enough testing to rule out my memory as a weak point?

Symptoms were immediate shutdown to black screen (requiring power cord pull to reboot) on P95 with any attempted OC (via just multiplier increase in BIOS) and some random reboots at low load, i.e., surfing the web with nothing else running.

Probably will swap my PSU out today and see how that goes, but I can't think of much else to do with memory testing.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Same with a cpu... that varies on your uses. If you test for 4 hours and your system is stable for your uses...its stable.

That said, I'd consider what you've done thorough. :)


Premium Member
May 17, 2003
Yeah I realize there can still be issues. I mean I've seen people say they didn't run into a problem until 20+ hours into a test, etc. I may do some more stress testing later to look into things, but for now I would expect if memory were THE weak link causing my problems, this testing should have shown up something.

At these timings, I get the variability with timings. I guess this afternoon I'll try the PSU swap. <sigh>

Man, after all the dang time I spent on cable routing...



Benching Team Leader
Jan 2, 2005
Run AIDA64 memory+cache only, for ~2-3h max. This will show if RAM and memory controller is stable. Then I recommend using mixed load tests for a while like 1-2h. Can be anything that reacts to stability. Benchmarks like Final Fantasy XV are crashing fast when something isn't right with RAM.