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How would you spec a phase change system?

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Jul 6, 2002
Good old UK
I fixed a freinds PC tonight, and got chatting with a guy I hadn't seen for a while round there. This guy fixes vending machines, and talking about my watercooled rig and how I'd missed out on a dehumidifier being chucked out for the dump that another freind spotted before me...:mad:
So, to get to the point, the guy that fixes up all the chillers out of vending machines has tons of spares and can gas up a system I make myself. Sounds good no? OK, so my question is; I have two 220W pelts, a dual 2ghz Athlon system, and I'm currently making a waterblock for the northbridge. I'm thinking that making a chiller to cool the water is going to be the best option when I stick my pelts on sometime soon (only watercooling at the moment). Any advice on what problems anyone's had or suggestions are welcome. I want to make this a work of art or showpeice now, as I'm fairly good with a blowtorch / soldering iron, metalwork and electronics. Current temps with my waterblocks are 35c idle and about 40c load with ambient temps about 20-23c in the room, and case temps of around 30c. The waterpump is going to be a 1250, tubing will be innovatek 9.5mm I/D, and an innovatek dual120mm fan radiator (drool here:) )
cheers guys...
ok read my article on phaze coolers in the water cooling or misc sections its called how to build a refridgerator water chiller septdmber 23rd. it will help you figure out what you need to do to make a chiller i can give you some tips on how to tweek it cus its realy a matter of opinion.