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How to make a Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup ISO with all updates up to 2016

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How many are going to keep running win 7 after 2020 EOL?
I've got it installed on a VM. Not sure if it will update as the iso was years old.
1. How to find out what monthly update packages should be added: all in a row by May 2019, or some can be skipped?
2. How to check if the update package was added correctly to the installation image?
I'm going to be staying with 7 for a while I was considering the upgrade to 10 but even when I get round to building a new Ryzen system next year I think I'll stick to 7 it just meets what I need for games etc for now and it just works, 10 I can't stand the auto updates because ever since XP I've always manually updated or got a notification saying there are new updates to install. Plus they release a new version over the top of the old one it would just **** me off as I am a little OCD when it comes to my system I like to make sure everything is in the right place and I'm especially a freak when it comes to free space even with the drives I have I have 1.2TB free space and yet I just can't fill it I will download games from STEAM and back some big ones up but then 2 days later delete them because I now have 400mbps fibre and I can download in mins.
I'll be building a Ryzen rig this year and probably dual booting with 8.1 for my girlfriend (it will be her rig, so she picks. LOL) and see if I can sneak 10 in on a separate drive and see if it can be made acceptable. My main rig is W7 and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
Is it possible to verify that Security Monthly Quality Rollup was added correctly to the Windows installation image?

Using the guide, I've made an ISO with monthly updates through December 2017, but after I've installed operating system and checked for updates, Windows Update showed that KB4054518 is ready for downloading. But I'm pretty sure that I've added it to the image.

Even if you add everything, there will still be updates showing up, this is more about reducing the number of downloads than including it all.
If you have just a few updates showing up, that's normal and you did a good job. It would be nice to run a check of what's included but i don't know of one.

The poster asking about 2020, at least ten percent of people will stay and never upgrade, and will continue to use working software until it can't be used any more, like Windows 95 can't really be used any more, so it will be past 2025 at least before Windows 7 can't be used any more, probably a lot longer, way longer... In other examples, 10% of Firefox users have not upgraded to modern new Quantum Firefox and it's been a few years, all because old add-ons don't work on new Quantum Firefox. So they stayed on old Firefox.
Good Antivirus/Firewall can offer some sort of protection even with old OS/browsers.