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HSF mod

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New Member
Mar 6, 2001
what im after is something that will give me good cpu cooling but without the noise of a delta, so ive decided to fit a 80mm or 92mm fan to a heatsink

now im not sure which heatsink i should use, i was thinking either the thermoengine black heatsink or the fop38 one.

and as for fans itll most probably be the:

Sunon case fan 8cm: 39CFM, 32dBA or the

before i place my order id like to know what other good heatsinks are out there, and how much difference the 92mm fan would make over of the 80mm one.
Hi, if I remember well, you can install a 80mm fan on Fop38 without any mod, look into this section for

'This fan is driving me insane...please help before I kill a helpless rodent!!' :)

Have a nice O/C.
yeah you can, but id also be willing to get an adapter to fit on the 92mm fan if itll make much difference in cpu temp
Don't lose sight of the fact that your an HSF, when used with a tower, actually hangs sideways. The clips system that comes with your HSF is designed to hold it firmly in flush contact with the core when using the fan that came with it. If you add a heavier fan, a fan that is further away from the HS, or more likely both, The additional weight and leverage may result in the base of the HSF not sitting flush on the cpu core and/or it may produce enough mechanical stress to break off the tang on the socket, where the clip attaches. Food for thought...

No sweat. I found that stretching the spring-wire fan clips on a FOP-38 to accommodate an 80mm case fan was a bridge too far. I used tie wraps, aka cable ties and zip ties. Works quite well. I just double checked the 80mm 42.5 cfm Sunon on my FOP yesterday. It's on as firmly as it was a month ago.

The FOP's have a ledge or "shelf" on them that makes anchoring the tie wraps a cinch. I suggest that you examine the "corners" of the shelves. They are too sharp for the safety of the cable ties. Just file down the sharpness, and you're ready to go. You might run the HS under the kitchen tap to be sure that no aluminum dust gets into your box.