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I broke a socket A tab !!! Now what ?? ?? ??

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Mar 28, 2001
This really sucks !! I just broke a tab off of my Asus A7V133 !! So now what ?? I guess I'll have to make a something that grabs all three tabs.....I mean the two tabs that are still there !! Or buy a whole new block, one that uses the four holes around the socket.....which sucks....cause I just got this new block. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!!

Im thinking of making an Aluminum plate that uses the four holes...but Im not sure about clamping-down a waterblock with that setup.....Im afraid of tightening too much on one corner of it cracking the die on the top of the CPU ....which would be VERY BAD !! ....as you all know. But using the four holes seems to be the better way to go.....anything is better than breaking off the tabs of a socket !!

The funny thing is, I have a mechanical engineering background.....and I've worked with lotsa stuff much tougher to do than attaching this waterblock. This just goes to show how badly this socket design licks a swollen, infected mule d*ck !!

Thanks in advance !!
There are a few tips on the front page for fixing broken socket tabs. This happened to me a while back.... if you weren't watercooling I'd recommend the5 Taisol CKGXXXXX (can't remember all those numbers)heatsink because it grabs all 3 socket tabs.

Thanks for the input.....but with me using a T-Bird 1.2 and running it 1.4, water is the only option.

Im also thinking of cutting-up my old Chrome ORB and somehow using its mounting clips to mount my block. The Chrome ORB uses all three tabs on one side, but only one on the other side. Luckily, I broke the middel tab off of the side that doesn't say 'Socket 462' on it.....so I still have the two outer tabs to grab if I decide to use the tabs.....which I doubt I will.

Thanks again !!
Check Danger Den's Site and duplicate their four hole clamp. With four springs, each providing 5 lbs of pressure, you should not have to worry about crushing your Birds die.
I made my own fix for that problem...


It sits flat now and I made 2 and superglued them together to give it more strength. This is a much better solution than using the clips.
IMHO, the four hole, springs, bolts and nuts method eclipses those miserable, single tang clips. I'm sorry, but the HSF manufacturers should consider that people may want to put the HSF on or take it off, while the mobo is in the case. Using the four hole mount, that is stock with my Swiftech MC-462A, is a dream to put on or take off. No acid stomach, wondering if I'll crush my core of snap off a tang. I sure wish they'd all go the four hole way. Admittedly, for every HSF they sell to an OC'er, they sell a thousand to non-OC'ers who will never take them off, for as long as they own their PC and those POS clips are definitely cheaper to implement.

That's a great idea Colin. My only concern would be the fact that the retention of the add-on socket would be solely the friction between its pins and the orignal mobo zif socket. With towers and mid-towers holding their CPU sideways. I would worry about the vibration from the fan, slowly unplugging the add-on socket. Perhaps, with that many pins being pinched by the zif, my concern is unfounded.