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IWill KK266 + MSI StarForce 815 GeForce 2 GTS 32MB, both from NewEgg.com = Wierd Problem!

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New Member
May 1, 2001
IWill KK266 + MSI StarForce 815 GeForce 2 GTS 32MB, both from NewEgg.com = Wierd Problem!

Rest of the system:
Duron 750 not overclocked
128MB Generic PC133 CAS2 7ns SDRAM @ 100mhz fsb
30GB Quantum ATA66 7200rpm HDD
300W Generic PS
(have onboard sound disabled)
nothing else

drivers i've used:
KK266 Bios version 305, 307, 426
VIA 4in1 Driver version 4.29 official, 4.30 beta
nVidia drivers 10 different versions 6.xx-12.00

Well, Windows will load and hang when right before it initialize the screen i.e. right before the desktop would show up. It'll give me a black screen and just stall there. Doesnt seem to be completely frozen since i can still Ctrl-Alt-Del and reset the system. After i reboot it, Windows will load all the way but not load the video card driver (not in safe mode, it just wont load the driver) and give me a msg saying something like "Diaplay driver is not config properly or the driver does not suport he device.. blah blah blah" and dump me at 640x460x16(just SIXTEEN colors!)

things i've tried:
Putting the video card in Asus A7V - works perfectly, so it's not the video card problem.
disable AGP4x, fast write, all used all the Aperature sizes i can choose from - black screen.
Tons of combanation of drivers listed above, (i made sure i completely uninstall all the nvidia drivers before i install a new one) - black screen.
Increased IO voltage by 5% - black screen.

things i noticed that's wierd:
right before the boot screen where it says "Starting Windows 98..." The IRQ listed for the Display Adapter is 11, but once i got into Windows without the nvidia driver loaded. PCIList and the Device Manage says it's using IRQ 9, if i manually set Display Adapter IRQ to 9 in bios, in windows changes to 4, 5 to 10.... the one listed (used by Bios) at the boot screen is always different then the one used in Win98SE ... It didnt happen in Asus A7V (my friend's mechine), whatever is listed on the boot screen, it is used in Win98SE....