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Iwill KK266 will not post

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Jan 25, 2001
eerr....hate to do this but KK266 will not post

Video card is fine

power is getting to AGP slot, as fan on vid card goes on, fan on cpu also goes on.

system is just KK266 + vid card + PSU + case and it will not post, read though manual and double checked all jumpers....
One reason could be you overclock a 200MHz TBird with the 133MHz FSB jumper and after you clear the CMOS, The default multiplier and 133MHz FSB is too high to boot. If that is the case return to 100MHz FSB. If not, please give a little more info on your setup.

CPU Tbird 1.3 (200fsp)
FSB 200 running (1-2)
Sound is ON
only front panel connectors are power switch, and cpu sound, they are in the correct spot, not sure if they are fliped though. I switched them (180 degree's) and same problem
Video card (v3 and GeForce 256) tried both
Crucial 256 133 ram (also tried Dell PC100 ram)

cleared CMOS (swiched jumper, pressed power, then switched back...is that how you do it?)

when power on black screen, no beeps.
fans power on, lights on mobo turn on

I'm guessing either CPU or mobo is bad. I'm not sure of mobo's will post even w/ a bad CPU. I have no spare socket-a mobo's or cpu's around. Bought CPU @ local store, mobo was online.

Manual says within 30 seconds it should post.
1. Which Bios are u using, the latest 0416.bin only have multiplier up to 12.5X.
2. 100MHz FSB jumper is arrange like this, pin 3-2-1.
3. Do you use the VIO jumper?

To clear CMOS (switched jumper for five second, then switched back), if it doesn't work, try unplug the power supply for five second and clear the cmos again, sometime helps like that.
Well not sure, I can't even get it to post even once, much less update bios.
People say that 1.3 (200) will work fine just come programs will report it wrong.

My FSB I sure hope is set to 100

if you look at the mobo from a side view, ISA slot on the bottom, CPU at top

the manual says the FSB jumpers are configured as 1-2-3

so I have mine set as 1-2

okay just checked.....

OH MY $%@$ LORD... I'm the biggies retard in the world. You were right its set as 3-2-1 and even manual says 3-2-1... so I had it set as 133 FSB
well I set it to 100 and it POSTED... I can't belive this. Words cannot express my stupidity... :(
Assuming you are not overclocking and you are just trying to get the system to work (possibly for the first time, or after a major upgrade):

This is probably a dumb question but your power supply is at least 300W right? If you have a power supply less than 300 it may not have the "nads" to power your system. Also if you have messed with the power supply or caught a wild power spike your power supply could be toast, try a friends power supply if this is the case. Finally and most likey you might just be grounding out or somethin (MS's "evil monkeys"), set the board on an antistatic mat outside the case and hook up only what you need to post (vid card, case connectors, power, monitor, ect...) if it is still a no-go, you got a big problem!