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MS Outlook does not remember last screen/position location

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Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
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As the title describes, I'm having issues with MS Office, specifically Outlook, not remembering it's last position on screen and size. Normally, I have it sized a certain way and on the left side of the left monitor (I have two monitors). No matter how I shut down (close outlook, then shutdown, shutdown, et.c), it always comes back up 'full' size and on my right monitor.

I haven't tested on other MSO products, but most (all?) other apps do remember what screen/position/size.
EDIT: Correction - I have tried it on MS Word and Excel and it works. Though, those apps are 'snapped' into position (splits my right monitor in two) not 'custom' sized.


EDIT2: "Remember window locations based on monitor connection" is checked on both monitors.
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Does Outlook remember its location if you snap it to half the 2nd monitor? If it won't, lets you know remembering is some sort of Outlook problem. If it will, remembering custom is more of a MS problem?

I have 2 versions of Office w/ Outlook & don't use Outlook with either one.
So, snapped it into position on the L monitor (Monitor 1), closed the app, rebooted and she came up on the R monitor (Monitor 2), lol. Shut down while the app was up 'snapped' on the L monitor, rebooted and she came up on the R monitor again.

The right monitor is #2 and set as the primary.

... I guess I can swap 1 with 2 and see if it follows monitor 2.... :shrug:
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That worked............ but...somehow... not after a reboot. It sized. I closed and opened it, and it came back in the same position. Once I shutdown the PC and rebooted, it came up on the right monitor and much larger. :shrug: :screwy: