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Msi Gtx 670 OC(1045mhz) edition windows 7 ultimate direct x issue

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New Member
Feb 27, 2013

So I just got an open box msi Gtx 670 OC edition(1045mhz) from ncix
It is replacing my Gtx 560 se edition which has worked fine and never has crashed once

I am having several issues with this card in Windows 7 ultimate 64bit with mainly gaming but also just regular web browsing or using my desktop for that matter

when I first Installed it, the screen would randomly go black in desktop and I would than see on my monitor no signal to the monitor I would have to reset or turnoff my cpu manually. Now when it crashes it gives me a black screen and it
says Nvidia 314.07 WHQL Display driver stopped responding and has recovered from error( I will link a pic of it if needed on request)

seem to be getting some type of issue or another with every game I have run so far on the gtx 670 Bf3 Chivalry medieval warfare woW have all crashed on me. Nba 2k13 has had some slight lag issues but never crashed

so lets start with BF3 the issue im getting with Battle field 3 when I first ran bf3 5 mins into the game the screen goes black and I get a direct X error

"DirectX function "GetDeviceRemovedReason" failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG: Device hung due to badly formed commands.."

now Chivalry I have been playing quite a bit actually bit it has crashed on me couple times and shows slight signs of crashing when ever I lag a little bit

Wow it crashed on me 5 mins into game black screen and gives me that same black screen and msg I get when I first installed the gtx 670 on my system

Also ocasionally in Google chrome get same error and also the tabs in chrome go black and i have to reopen chrome or new tabs


So I have done research and found So many different things

possible supposed Voltage increase

possible Clock speed decrease

gpu bios update

Motherboard bios update

changing video card to pcie2.0 instead of 3.0 in motherboard bios

changing slots on motherboard

Gpu overheating

Rolling back drivers to a older version

Asus gpu tweakit program that comes with asus suite 2 with the asus maximus formula v(which I have installed) might cause problems

Running too many programs

Also heard Nvidia drivers 314.07 WHQL has some issues

Or could it just be a faulty card but surely this has to be a common problem because I have googled it and lots of people have this same issue with gtx 670's

in conclusion there is no conclusion! i am confused about the various options solutions and would apperciate some guidance or for someone to shed light on these solutions or other solutions please sorry for such a long post!!!


(sorry for the exta specs that is not needed this was copy and pasted from another forum I posted on about my system setup)

Win 7 ultimate x64 partition 1(MAIN) on SSD120gb
Win 8 pro x64 partition 2(ALT) on SSD120gb

Intel I7-3770k (MX-4 Pea method Thermal Paste)
16gb corsair vengance 1600mhz4x4gb
intel520 240gb ssd
WD green Carvair 1TB 64mb cache 7200rpm hdd
evga xonar essence stx soundcard
msi gtx 670 oc edition
Lite on Optical blu ray drive 4x
Cooler Master Haf x 942 case

Aerocool 2100 lcd fan controller
corsair h100i(not yet installed)
Bitfenix 230 spectre pro red led
bitfenix 200mm spectre pro red led
aerocool shark 140mm red led
2 stock cm 200mm fans(temporary) being replace be h100i

Corsair HX1050w Gold Psu
Apc bg1500lcd ups(for only cpu and ps3)
belkin 12 outlet rj45 coaxial

BenQXl2420T 23.5 inch 120hz 3d lcd

Linksys e4200v2 Router
Motorola 6121b cable modem

Epson Workforce 645 wifi printer

Crown Xls 1000 Power amp
American Dj Q deck Q-221 Pro mixer
Techniques Mark 3 dj Turntable
2 400w cerwin vega 12 inch speakers

160gb ps3
120gb xbox 360

Vtech cordless 3 phone system
Magic Jack

The possible solution are solution you tested ?

Could you simply install MSI afterburner and monitor GPU temp/clock while gaming and/or stress testing ?

You can use on screen display with MSI AB to monitor the GPU while gaming.
well I do have msi afterburner installed yes actually never played around with it too much since I had these issues
Monitor clock/gpu volt/temp while gaming.

Disable you ASUS tweak GPU monitoring to prevent 2 prog from monitoring the same thing. It may sometime cause issue.
Just look the clock/temp/Vgpu.

If your card clock sky rocket to 1200-1300mhz this could be an issue if the card dont push more Vgpu to follow the clock. Your card is supposed to be at 1045mhz, wich is usually the boost clock. If the card go to high on the clock, you may be able to overvolt a bit with MSI AB. You could also simply underclock the card to prevent this. To keep the card at ~1050mhz.

Monitor temp to make sure its not an overheating issue.

In the end, if you are on stock bios and you never tweeked the gpu clock with any tool, your card is not supposed to crash like this ....
actually I have a temp sensor on my gpu on my fan controller it ranges from 33 celcius to 45ish but yea what you says seems to be the most logical explanation and common thing ive been coming across voltage and clock speeds so many variables though
but yes this is stock bios and i never touch the gpu block im thinking i might have to call Msi or nvidia i might have to rma but so many ppl have this problem
Monitor the card, and try to pin point where's the issue.

Temp / Clock + Vgpu

Then, adjust with MSI AB or ask for an RMA.
seems I will have to setup an Rma if worst comes to worst but i will keep playing around with things in the meantime thanks anyhow
My first assumption could be this:

So I just got an open box msi Gtx 670 OC edition(1045mhz) from ncix

Stupid question but, have you uninstalled, then reinstalled drivers after you installed said card? I had a somewhat similar issue issue (Driver would crash) also when I switched from my gtx 260 to the 660 I changed just recently.
well I reinstalled my drivers once but all I did is replace the same newest driver 314.07 whqli might try to roll back the drivers today
and what did you do to solve your problem myndless?