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My 5900X is a heater!

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Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
Dunno what the heck is going on, but my chip has become a heater! I've reseated my block several times and nothing seems to help. I know I got plenty of raddage, but dam, this thing is un-tamable. Once I start pushing it, the temps rise to 70's and then hit 80. I'm fed up with it, so I got another 5900X to replace it. Hopefully the new one will run cooler. It's rock steady stable, but it runs hot as hell when gaming. I really wanted the 5950X, but high pricetag is still holing on to it. I have no intentions of jumping to the new socket just yet. Trying to stretch this socket just a wee bit longer.

I'll upgrade my kid's rig with the heater replacing his 3600X. I've got a new Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120SE I'll plop on it, replacing the Assassin King 120SE that's on the 3600X now. Kid doesn't game and the most he does is YT videos/music.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Classifieds, I will be posting up the 3600X.
Yeah, it was better before. Nominal operating temps (50-ish) or so. But then it started pumping out the heat. Can't figure it out.

I replaced the pump. Resevoir sure gets toasty too.
I have heard the newer revision of 5900X clocks better, and runs cooler. I also heard that our old 5900X does not like these newer AGESA versions too much. I got sick of my 5900X's sheet and plugged my 58X3D back in. It is kind of sucky, but its ok for games, and it is super easy to cool. I run my 5900X at 260/170/190 +200 -25 all core, and she rips. But she also knows how to get my fans to spool..
Might try to clean your block too. If the water is getting super hot maybe the radiator is plugged with something. Maybe even just an air bubble in the rad.
Thing is I already flushed the system when I replaced the pump. Rads get nice and warm so I'm sure they're not plugged. I don't use any additives in my loop. Only straight up distilled water and a drop or two of Primoflex biocide. I'll check anyways though ;).
If the rads are getting warm, that means the heat is getting out of the CPU....or........ now reading your sig, that doesn't mean much considering you have a GPU in the loop (no?).

.... so weird your system just 'got hot'. My money isn't on the CPU, but, I have no idea where to place that bet at this point, lol. Maybe Freeagent is on to something. ;)
A lot of times I just babble and ramble.. but if you have an old 5900X like me, 1203C is what you want to run.. only problem is you may get some stutter in game.


I am on the newest AGESA, and performance took a hit on my X3D and 5900X.. no stutter though.. ffs.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping the newer version of the 5900X will run better and alot cooler than my current one. I'll be flushing the loop out too, since I'll be already under the hood.

On a side note, me thinks one of my velociraptors is dying out. The raided pair is starting to play the disappear and reappear game on me :rolleyes:.