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New 8k5a2+ Bios

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Is it worth the update? I think I still have the 8/15 bios. I haven't updated yet.

Is it hard to update the BIOS?
actually it is real easy to flash a BIOS, there are now 4 BIOS available for our motherboard, this is the newest one, personally I run 2909(September 9th, 2002)

I should warn you, if you make a mistake you could get into some trouble, but that is case with almost everything, If you are interested in trying I can walk you through it...
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I cant stop that ;) BUT any user who are about to flash MUST read the instructions available all over the place, like where you download the bios. Dont flash using remote control. Very easy if you spend 5 min. preparing. One of those things you only have a few problems with once, next time you just do it.

Pretty sure ronin1967 use 2909 cause he is at or above 166fsb, its faster there. Below its the same, use the official. I have not noticed any other changes than what Epox states. From readme.txt

Enhancements & Fixes for this BIOS release:
Added AMD additional Athlon(tm) XP CPU support.
System hang when in 'setup is starting Windows 2000' screen when install Windows 2000 and use ASUS v8420 + Promise TX2000 + Tekram DC395U.
Turn off KB LED after Power OFF.
Fix fan sensor to make system crash issue if the FAN speed result overflow.
Solve UDMA133 option will be hidden.
Update AWDFLASH.EXE version to V8.22A.
Set USB 2.0 item disabled as default.
Update adapt ROM for support High Point 372N.

Previous fixes:

Solved 3D Mark 2001SE will hang up if APIC enabled.
Report USB1.1 UHCI/OHCI and RAID controller PCI device type.
Added USB 2.0 control item.
Added support to monitor CPU temperature -20C to 100C.
Added for run VGABIOS by item value when resume from STR. Update Clock Control Setting for AMD recommend.
Add new AMD K7 CPUID = 681h support.
Move Sensor code to XGROUP by define `SENSOR_IN_XGROUP`.

btw. be sure you upgrade HIGHPOINT drivers to 2.34 - your bios will be 2.34 and its best drivers/bios share version number. Not that clear info - or I just missed it! http://www.highpoint-tech.com/372drivers_down.htm
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I want to add that is not a BETA BIOS but an offical release from EPoX located on their website. Here is some of the fixes:
Model: EP-8K5A2+
BIOS: 5A2P2B01.BIN (1900)
1.) Added AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2600+, 2700+, 2800+(FSB333) CPU support.
2.) System hang when in 'setup is starting Windows 2000' screen when install windows 2000 and use ASUS v8420 + Promise TX2000 + Tekram DC395U.
3.) Turn off KB LED after Power OFF.
4.) Fix fan sensor to make system crash issue if the FAN speed result overflow.
5.) Solve UDMA133 option will be hidden.
6.) Update AWDFLASH.EXE version to V8.22A.
7.) Set USB 2.0 item disabled as default.
8.) Update adapt ROM for support High Point 372N.

and you are right about me running 2909, I run 166FSB on all of my processors
I am running at 166 fsb right now, I still have the 8/15 bios, no real problems yet. Should i upgrade to this new bios? or the 2909 ? or just stay?

One quick question though, what do you guys run your RAM speeds at?

or turbo ?

right now I'm at fast, I dont know if my memory can handle more.

Its 512mb kingston PC2700 CL2.5. Can I go higher?
As far as I know there are no problems with the official bios but the beta thing is definitely faster >166fsb. Fixes a few issues also in bios from today - ie. UDMA 133 not hidden. Nothing major. Depends on what you want, concerned about very best performance you need beta. Ironic Epox lets you oc like hell, I would say encourage, but deliver official bios which are slowed down - hope they improve their bios depart. Just dont make sense.

My memory can only boot painless with normal preset! sucks but how it is, for now. Timings also kinda locked. So I use that wpcredit editor to get almost turbo settings. Turbo fastest of course, not that much dif. to normal + manual tweaking tho - a little I guess.

Same question many users not having overspec´ed memory ask themself at >166 or even lower - will it work? ;) Try your limits for voltage, ie. 2.7 if that is your level and see what happens, only way to find out. Test with Prime95, Memtest86, games etc. Do some searching and check out what other ppl can do. Mobo dont matter so much, be sure its the same module you compare with - Samsung not just Samsung but Samsung XXX.

Mem I have dont want to use fastest timings even at 133 - hopeless - SPD best choice really. Not a fatal disaster, can gain some with wpcredit. My conclusion is you need good, as in oc-friendly/tweakable, memory to make use of ie. Turbo preset. I have gotten the message now :) not allways fun forcing memory too much.

I run the 2909 BIOS for the FSB features the other BETA BIOS is for aggressive memory settings, the new BIOS is really to allow the newer XP's to run on this motherboard...

if you are happy with what you have leave it, if not, try the 2909, you can alway go back...

I run my memory on Turbo, you can tweak turbo for better settings, there is now way to tell what's best, just try and see...
It's really very simple just a few things we would need to go over before you try it, and I should also say the new BIOS I posted is not a BETA BIOS it is actually the offical BIOS for the board, technically there are only two, the original you have and the new one, however I do know of a glitch, not in the bios but in the Highpoint drivers(for the Raid), it's easy to work around, but I thought you should know. Also I am not running the new BIOS yet, I am still running 2909(another little tidibit the new BIOS is the official release of 2909) I will probably flash the new one soon, I just installed a new processor last night and am putting her through her paces...

still interested in flashing the bios, if so which one?
Does the 2909 bios fix the keyboard light now turning off? I notice the new official one does. And its kind of annoying. I guess I will go with the latest official one, which ever one is better(more stable, more OC friendly).

btw, I haven't installed the highpoint drivers yet. I only have one hard drive. But soon I am getting a zip drive and would like to hook it up alone to one of the other IDE connectors used for the RAID. Would I need to install the highpoint drivers for that?
I only ever ran the 2909 BIOS so I am not sure about the keyboard lights, but the 2909 is the most stable OC'ing BIOS I know, can't speak for the new, haven't tried it yet, probably won't for a while...

you only need to install the highpoint dirvers if you intend to use RAID(I think, check the forum, there are plenty of more knowledgeable people around than me)
I'll go with the 2909 bios. Like I said, I've never flashed a bios before, so If you'd be so kind to walk me through it, I'd appreciate it.
Actually it's real easy until something goes wrong, we will use the ALT-F2 method:


1. Extract the BIOS image file (named 5a2p2909.bin) to a blank
floppy disk with no bad sectors on it.

2. Restart the machine with the floppy disk in the floppy drive
When prompted at machine initialization, press ALT+F2 to begin
performing the flashing of the BIOS.

3. The BIOS will automatically flash and reboot the machine.

That's about it...
All I've done is raised the fsb to 166 and changed my memory timings to "fast". Should i just change those back to 133 and normal, or do you recommend just pressing F7?
Should I back up anything first? How long do you think it'll take before I'm back up and running smoothly?