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New Ownership and Site Migration - Details Inside

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I must admit that when I first saw the the announcement of new ownership I was a bit worried, but turns out it was truly great news.
I'm not here to often myself but do link people here to make use of the power supply recommended and tested thread. I'm not sure how many new users that turns into but I figure a lot of people make use of the info in that thread.

One reason I'm rarely here, I don't overclock anymore. When my system gets slow, I upgrade stuff. Still, if I'm getting ready to build a new rig, I do come here for info regarding the new things that have recently came out. It helps me pick out what I want to make use of. That is certainly true for cooling things like CPU heat sinks and fans.

I'm glad the site is going to be in good hands.
When I got the email I already knew it was a simple house cleaning. Big companies no longer notify you of these types of changes. Well done! I come here for the adult-like forums. Good place to learn and simply play in the hardware, as it were.
Friggin' sweet. looking forward to better stuff in the future especially with the mobile changes!

and when you say site migration, does this involve AMDs "EPYC" CPUs?
Life has been taking over for me as of late, but certainly happy to see the hands of which the transition fell into.
Sorry, I've neglected responses lately. I appreciate all the positive feedback from everyone it is really great to see this kind of reception to the news!

We've been busting tail to get quite a few things done immediately after the migration, keep an eye on this sub-forum as we post threads to see the ones that really impact the community as they're implemented.
I was just wondering what processor is being used and how many processors and cores will this site use on the new server?
I was just wondering what processor is being used and how many processors and cores will this site use on the new server?
Currently, no idea as its mixed in with other properties. Once the move is made, we are on our own dedicated server. Pretty sure its a quad core xeon e3 and 16GB of RAM.
The new box is a 3.6GHz Xeon Hex core with 16GB of RAM and the site will reside on RAID 1 SSD's with multiple daily, weekly, and monthly backups. Speaking of... T-minus 5 minutes!!
Is this thing on? Trying to see if DNS info has updated yet.
Just got it working for me. Maybe it would be worth sending out an email that the site is up but it may require a dns refresh.