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P4C800 with 3.2 Hyper, I KNOW it has to go FASTER?

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Sep 29, 2002
I am only able to go 10% overclock in the bios. And that gives me a 3.54 overclock , now this is a Hyperthreading 3.2 so I beleive it should go faster, I have seen boards with 3.8 on air.... When I try to set the timings of the memory to anything other then 2.5-4-4-7 I get a lock out. I cannot locate the DRAM FREQUENCY mentioned to load it at 400 1:1..............
is anyone around now to guide me through this please?

P.S> I am using two 512's of OCZ PC3700 so that is able to do a FSB at 466....??
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Grandpa Dan

Nov 1, 2003
OC moderator @intelforums.net
In bios switch AI overclock tuner to manual. Then you want DRAM frequency, 400=1:1, 320=5:4, 266=3:2. up the ddr reference voltage to at least 2.75v. and (important) set the agp/pci freq. to 66/33.

A couple tips...don't make too many changes at on time or it will freak out. If for some reason it won't reboot and you see nothing on the screen simply power off and unplug for 15 sec. then restart, you will probably ave to shut it off 1 more time(not unplug) then it will restart. If you want I've got msn messenger we can get rockin and overclockin now.