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P5LD2 won't stay on

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Aug 29, 2002

Fresh P5LD2 from RMA (thanks to Krag) with a 640cpu (thanks to ghost_recon88) a gig of Crucial Ballistic DDR2 (thanks to gouda96) and a Sapphire X800XL Card (thanks to Nathan0490) plus a new Zalman CNPS9500 and a new Enermax 485W Noisetaker psu. Attached to it, I have a CD-Rom on the blue IDE slot, a 40Gb Maxtor on the Pri Red IDE slot and a 40Gb W/D on the Sec Red IDE slot, and a generic floppy for when it comes to the F6 time.

I have assembled this stuff on one of the anti-static bags on the bench and fired it up...

Went straight into BIOS no probs... set the cpu to manual 200fsb and left everything else at default pretty much. Save and exit, and boot from the MS CD, and it wouldn't find the drives (have the floppy attached and ready now... it wasn't initially)

Okay... rebooted and went into BIOS to see what needed sorting... left her sitting there while I did some research and downloading and after about 2 minutes... she turns off. I had checked the hardware monitor while I was in the BIOS, and the cpu was sitting at 29 degrees from memory... under 30 anyway.

Strange I thought... check all the cables and short the two pins again... boots up and dies while MS CD is before the part where you even hit F6.

Unplug everything, reconnect it all again, and short the two pins... Momentary life to the cooler and vid-card fans, then dies... same every time now.

Very odd he thinks...

EDIT... Have removed the Zalman and checked the cpu and all appears fine. Put it all back together and still the same. Just a hint of power to the board then nothing at all. Like about 1/4 second's worth.

I know the Ram is fine, cause I was using that in my main rig until a couple of days ago. The psu is new out of the box, but I am suspicious... will try that in another PC. The rest... who knows.

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Aug 29, 2002
All solved...

Don't try to use an ENERMAX NOISETAKER 485W psu with this setup...

I put my 600W Enermax on, and she all runs sweet-as.

Guess it's those two 12V rails that I have been reading so much about overnight.

Boy that sux.