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Problems OCing my 2400-M...HELP!!!!

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New Member
May 10, 2004
Hello everyone,

I am quite new to overclocking and was hoping I was overlooking something with my new rig.

I have a DFI NFII Ultra Infinity with a IQHYA 2400-M chip. Everything is peachy until I try for over 2.4 Ghz (12*200). I cann't even get 202 FSB!!!!

Here are my specs and below that I listed what I have tried. Can some one please help? I was hoping to get atleast 2.5 Ghz.

Mobo: DFI NFII Ultra Infinity
CPU: AMD XP 2400-M (IQHYA Serial)
RAM: 512 MB OCZ Dual Channel DDR400, ultra low latency ram (2-3-3-6).
VIDEO: ATI 9700 Pro (Not Overclocked and set to 66 mhz).
HARD DRIVE: Dual 36 Gig Raptor in RAID 0
POWER SUPPLY: Antec TruePower 330 Watts
OTHER: I/O Magic DVD+-RW Drive

Antec SOHO File Server Case, w/ 2 rear fans, 1 blow hole fan, 1 side fan.
CPU Heatsink/Fan: Swiftech MCX 370, with 60 mm fan
Northbridge: Swiftech MCX 159-R, with 40 mm fan
Southbridge: Zalman ZM-NB47J Northbridge heatsink
RAM: Cooper Heat Spreaders
VIDEO: Vantec Iceberg Pro Heatsink fan

This is what I have tried and have right now:

Stable System:

12*200, with Vcore = 1.75; RAM 1:1 Ratio (50 C, using Sisoft Burnin).

At one point I had it running 12*205, with Vcore = 1.8, RAM 1:1, but the CPU got upto 58 C. But I can no longer get this to boot.

I couldn't up the FSB until I went down to 10*200-208 @ 1.75 Vcore. 209 caused windows to crash.

Tried and failed:

13 * 200, with Vcore = 1.8 - 2.0, Chipset = Auto, 1.6 - 1.9 (boot up would loop)

12*202, with Vcore = 1.775-2.0, Membory 1:1, no boot....long beep every 3 seconds.

11*202, with Vcore = 1.750-1.8, Mem 1:1, no boot...long beep every 3 seconds.

10*209, with vcore = 1.750, Mem 1:1 would boot, but windows would crash.

10*210, with vcore = 1.8, Memory @ 177 mhz (6:5 Ratio), no boot...long beep every 3 seconds.


Thanks in advance!


Silent Frog

Feb 26, 2004
South Austraila
I wouldn't know what to do (im new to OCing to) but I nkow one thing... and that's don't run your ram slower then your cpu... other wise your cpu will just slow down.
By the sounds of what you use to cool your pc, try 1.85 or 1.9 vcore. Tho you did say it got to 58c. I get my (not OCed) palomino to 75+ in summer. I don't think 60 will be to bad on a mobile. Good luck, and watch those temps.


Jun 26, 2003
Welcome to the forums!. First I would try to find out what the max FSB is, by turning down the cpu multiplier down to the lowest alloted setting. Then try to see what the max FSB is by going a couple of MHz every time. You should do a burn in period with a new chip, by turning up the vcore (slowly) and keeping the clock speed at stock, and running some program like prime95 for 24 hours. I tried that and I think it helped. Nontheless, I think the FSB is limiting, maybe the OCZ low latency ram doesn't go far at the lowest latencies. I doubt it's the mobo, since that can probably handle up to 240 FSB, but I would try to set the "cpu interface" from aggresive to normal if there is that option. I would aim for 200 x 12.5 @ 2v at most, first try @ 1.75v and go up until it works. Watch the temperatures too, keeping the chip very hot also causes the instability, maybe getting a better heatsink/improved system cooling is needed. The Swifty MCX370 is rather old, and is not as good as the thermalright SLK-800/900 series (depending on the fan too). BTW, where did you get the cpu?